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keeping a disk open to add more to the disk


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You can't do that with ImgBurn.  With burning in ImgBurn, it's one and done affair.  Even if you use rewritable media, the current contents must be erased first before anything new can be written to it with ImgBurn.


To accomplish what you hope to, you need to format the disc with UDF packet writing.  You format it as a giant floppy in Windows/File Explorer.  If you use write once media, while you can delete files from the disc, you won't recover the space.  So, though the file is no longer shown as there, the space it used is still there, just not accessible, and you can't reuse it.  Rewritable media does let you recover the space.


Be aware if you want backwards compatibility with older versions of Windows, you need to make sure that version of Windows supports UDF packet writing.

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