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DVD unsuccessfully didn't burn with imgBurn


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It's hard to know which error you're specifically talking about as the log displays multiple different errors from different failed burns.  However, it points out a few possible issues.


You're using the MCC media, so you're using the high quality stuff.  Not junk media, so we can rule that out.


The thing that immediately leaps out is the combination of semaphore timeout errors and the drive's listed USB interface of USB 1.1.  USB 1.1 is ancient and super slow.  You could be getting semaphore timeouts because the drive is not reading/writing fast enough.  If you're going to use USB BD writers, you need USB 3.0 to avoid drop outs of data.


However, semaphore timeout errors can also be a conflict between the USB bridge in your burner and the USB controller on your motherboard.


So, what can you do?  1.) If you want to keep using that same drive, try connecting it on a USB 3.x port.  2.) Try a different drive, however, there's no guarantee X drive will work properly with the USB controller on your motherboard.  3.) Replace the USB controller on your mobo.  However, there's no guarantee the next one will be any better and it's often times just cheaper to replace the mobo.  Which isn't, of course, a cheap option to begin with.  If you're going to go that route, you're better off buying an entirely new PC.  Again, though, there's no guarantee a different PC's mobo won't have the same issue.

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