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DVD-RW -write- problem actually on Windows level!

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CONF: Windows 10. i3 Core 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, SSD 240 GB, second SSD 240 GB

I have the same problem with at least 3 programs with CD writing. I/O problem.

Recently I have switched off >>PowerConfig on hiberfil.sys -h (About 6 GB, I have read that is possible). But that was mistake. Windows does not start after few days.

I had to restore the hardware to the FIRST setup and the computer BOOTED. Then I have restore hiberfil.sys to ON. And almost all OK now. Still some problems with ACPI on second SSD 240 GB. Sometimes it logged out. Then must be restarted on HotPlug USB3.0. But all OK.

DVD problem is under Windows 10 doesn't recording.

Windows Explorator : WRITE files, directories, ISO  >OFF

BurnAWare : I have recorded 1x copy >>then WRITE >OFF

ImgBurn : I have run 1x TEST mode > OK >then >OFF

ImgBurn has given such errors: >>> PICS

Windows 10 blocks every new programs which only knows after 1x WRITING. All attempts are logged and stored in temporary files.

I have read about SPTI Microsoft. It is hard to re-install. It has work many times. I have recorded MANY-MANY DVD-Rs.






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Other known problem is Windows doesn't see Volume label at default level. ImgBurn too. Problem with label.

Windows 10 can do that with special mode go to adm mode. Disk is already inside (inserted)


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One thing I noticed in your screenshots.  I see the text CMC MAG, which means you're using CMC Magnetics discs, which are the worst quality out there.  Over 50% of the problems we see on this board are caused by CMC Magnetics media and when people switch from them to the high quality media, their problems usually go away.


Try to find Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD-RW.  NOT the Life Series you find in brick and mortar stores.  Those will be CMC.  You can generally only find the DataLife Plus stuff in online stores.

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