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Time to write a petabyte of data?


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If the Super DVD is to be a viable format, it has to make a quantum leap in write speed.  However, it is based on 3-D memory and not optical storage.  3-D memory may be super fast at writes.  Without it in consumer hands, we'll never know.  And it's not even in enterprise hands yet as it's only just a recently announced technology.


However, I think your math is off.  If it takes 20 minutes to write 25 GB, 1 petabyte is 125 TB.  125 TB is 125,000 GB.  (Well, let's just conveniently ignore the 1024 factor.  ;) )  So, 125,000 divided by 25 GB is 5,000 20 minute writes.  That's 100,000 minutes / 60 minutes in an hour / 24 hours in a day is 69.4 days.

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