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be better off buying xp pro, partition your hard drive, with either partition magic or ontrak disc manager etc, then start to keep the documents you want on another partition(where windows will not have files in use all the time), when you have your operating system the way you want it, use ghost, to backup partition, then system failure or spyware virus etc, restore partition(operating system with backed up ghost image file)



Edit, i have just built my docs image file without complication. Which leads me to believe i must be also misinterpreting your request

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Yes, exclude the open files like that one and usrclass.dat (and their respective log files) and build.


I do this weekly via a project file. Also, with the idea of backing up email data and other settings. Once the IBB is set up, you never need to touch it again. Just load the project and away you go.


Good luck.



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