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I never thought of it until just now. What exactly is PTP and OTP? I can understand what it means for 2 layered discs. With parallel, I'd guess is that one layer is read spinning the disc in one direction and at layer change, the 2nd layer is read without changing the rotational direction orf the disc. With opposite, at layer change, the disc spins in the opposite direction that it was rotating when Layer 0 was being read. Is that right?



If it is, and even if it isn't :) how does it apply to single layer discs, if it does? Wouldn't all single layer discs be PTP by basic definition of physics? :D So, I'm guessing there is no such thing as an OTP DVD-5.



Please help/correct me as needed/desired. Thanks!

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No DB.


It matters not at for SL disks.


PTP means layer 0 is read from inside out and then layer 1 is read the same way.


OTP means layer 0 is read from inside to outside then layer 1 is read back from the outside to the middle of the disk (minimising the time for the layer break)


The direction of spin doesn't change.


More info: http://www.dvdburning.biz/terms/opposite-track-path-otp.htm





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