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Important Please read if you live in UK


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Just for you Jack, a few esentials if you decicde to go... :whistling:


Yet mae/ Mother****er

Yet mang/ **** you

Yet /****

Kuay /****

Ai sat /Twat

Kwai /Buffalo

Hoop baak /Shut up

Orn kuay/ Suck ****

I hayer/ Son of a *****

Gengri /*****

Farang keenohk /Birdshit foreigner

Sheephai /Oops, I ****ed up

Chong mang /I don't give a ****

Mung /Highly derogative form of 'you'

Goo /Highly arrogant form of 'me'

Ga-ree /*****, Slut


=)) =)) =)) Just printing those out, could be very handy............ :devil:

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