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Thought I would now point out that the place I got my TV from was




They are fast at taking money and slow to respond (still waiting 3 days later) for them to answer email or phone me.


Might get in touch with credit card company and see if they will refund then see how fucking fast beyond get in touch with me

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My credit card company can, you can put the transaction into dispute.


The secret menu is very hard to find, I will not give up, I know its there I will find it:D googled for hours no joy, appreciate anyone that has taken time to look also, thanks

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Like polo I couldn't find anything on the secret menu for your tv mate, for other makes yeah but not yours :( Good luck with the search.


(Perhaps you should have just queued for the PS3 at HMV in London and got a free Sony 46" LCD tv that way =)) )

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I figured it out so thought would post So it Will show up in google


To Enable the Service menu


With TV Off


Hold down the menu and volume buttons on the TV then press on/off button to turn the TV on.


A small K will appear on the left of the screen.


Then hold volume (-) and Channel (-) [press them at the same time and the service menu will appear]


To exit turn the TV on and off. (rarely works)


For anyone that enables service menu and finds that switching tv off does not get rid of K 42 rkw 111.



Then power off and hold vol - and menu whilst powering back on.

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