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Been looking for a new 42"" LCD 1080p TV today that has DVB (freeview) component, VGA , DVI, to be used for PC at 1920x1080 over VGA or DVI and 1080p over VGA for xbox360 &hd dvd addon and games or just 1080p over component for games, hard to find one that does what i want, anyone got any suggestions, seems each make of TV lacks every feature i want or limits resolution over VGA...


Spotted this monster, where the F would you put it.



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That fooker wouldnt fit in my house!!! Maybe I could have it in my garage if somebody buys it for me uncle dontasciime!! :rolleyes:

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I've been looking round at LCD's 40"+ and my feeling is LCD at that size just don't cut it. The picture quality isn't there and the picture response time is too slow. If your in the UK the spec is way behind the States which is disappointing. My own favourite is the Samsung although I believe the Sharp Aquos is supposed to have the best screen.


My feeling is prices are being cut on these TV's to clear out old stock so it may be best to hang on till summer which is what I'm doing.


As to 103" - and its over 7' high - put it in a hall and charge admission...

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I was planning on buying either the 42 sharp X series or the 46 but they have shit inputs or rather limited wtf they don't have 2x component a VGA / DVI surely they got space a little space left at back :D


VGA is limited to 1366x768


could get 1920x1080 via DVI > HDMI lead for PC connection but no way to get 1080p for xbox 360 or the DVD HD addon


There were mentions of an xbox 360 HDMI lead but does not look like it's gonna happen.


Everything above & below is in reference to the sharp LC42XD1E which is the one I am drawn to.


There is no actual component onboard, instead it's VGA > component.


Also over component 720p will be possible as will 1080i but not 1080p


things can get confusing, the xbox 360 VGA cable is capable of 1080p output for games / HD DVD / and normal DVD playback via 1080p upscaling.


the component cable for xbox 360 can do 1080p for games / maybe for HD DVD playback , i will say yes on 2nd thoughts/ but will only allow 480p for DVD playback.


However connecting to the sharp may or may not be exactly the same, as these Full HD sets all have their own agenda via connectivity.


I will no doubt be reading a lot more before i fully decide unless the impulse to just press Add to cart/checkout takes over

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  • 2 weeks later...

there are no speech marks , did it again lol


set TV up everything was fine.


tuned in analogue as you got to tune it before you can tuned freeview. normal TV piccy is good for my less than perfect Ariel. freeview piccy is a lot better.


set up my first 360 which uses component cables , plugged in the VGA to component adapter supplied by sharp as this TV has no dedicated component inputs.

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started burnout revenge and started to play, fantastic, then the screen blanked for a second, thought maybe it was bug in game as it moves so fast and i crash funny.


Then 5 minutes later it did it again this time no thoughts of bugs but thoughts of my 360 being at fault.


Tried the other 360 still does same, this is with xbox set to 720p (1280,720 in pc res)


So decided to do away with the VGA to component adapter to rule it out as culprit as its crappy looking and looks like it cost 10 pence to manufacture.


SO got my xbox 360 official VGA cable and connected, set 360 to 1280,720 (720p) and fuck its even worse, the screen is glaring pink, solarised. I can then choose any other res except 1920,1080 (as sharp over VGA or component cannot accept 1080p) anyways can select all other res and its fine.


So thought would connect PC via VGA to TV to see what happens, choose 1280,720 and no more pink solarised image, but screen is not centred correctly, OK, use the nvidia screen adjustment to pull piccy to left, OK it starts to move left,left,etc it gets closer to left side of screen then it goes pink, then dark and a no go.


Conclusion this TV has a problem with 720P xbox 1280,720 PC, same res in both, when in PC mode i can choose any other res up to max and its fine but not 1280,720

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it was either 1280x720 or left/left/left



edit this is what it will not let me type



it was either lots of me typing 1280x720 or left/left/




at the end of the left left if i type etc it will not let me post error 403


can someone else try and type it was either and stick etc at end

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