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DVD Recorder?


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Hey Guys,


i just recently purchased a Cello DVD Recorder DR-810 i am having a hell of a time setting it up i don't have a clue basically lol a VCR is so simple done loads of them but this thing is a nightmare i'm trying to hook it up VIA my TV/DVD Combo


done so far


Scart from TV/DVD to Recorder

Coaxial from Recorder to TV/DVD

Antenna from outside to Recorder


that's as far as i'v got has anyone else set one up and can point me in the right direction?


thanks guys



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Your TV has a built in dvd player, correct? Looks like you've got it just about covered, as a North American I don't have any hardware with Scart, does it carry audio as well? If not you'll need to connect your TV combo to your recorder with audio connections as well. If your plan is to record from your tv's dvd player, that likely won't work due to a certain copyprotection your TV's DVD player will likely output. In most cases recording from sattellite or antenae will be your only options. What exactly is/isn't it doing?

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