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Took out mobile contract for sim only deal ?50 a month good minutes though and a free PS3 which should have been here on Tuesday 10th April 2007.


Phoned them up to see where it was, was told it was going through system and would be next week, OK, decided to phone back to get a better idea of when and was told they had emailed warehouse to sort it out, then was told Friday but to phone back after 4pm, I phoned back and was told it had not entered system but shortly would be so delivery would be Monday 16th April, excellent, phone again this morning and was told out of stock and they had no idea when they would be getting more stock and to phone back in 2 weeks.


Arseholes, I'm on phone again as this free ps3 which is really not that free was supposed to be here 28 days after signing contract now onto 34 days and being told another 2 to 4 weeks.


So don't shop there as they break their promises and do not deliver your goods, there is no subject to avail crap neither download their terms and conditions pdf no mention of it etc.

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Stupid bastards - I have had issues with Codejunkies.com, they claim to have items in stock for immediate dispatch, so you pay and then wait and wait and wait, the free phone customer service line is permanently engaged and after mailing them 12 times I get one sarky reply to the effect that the item is out of stock and website isn't working properly !!


To be honest if they communicated better I would have been happy to wait but I have just cancelled my order as they can shove it up their asses now. :angry:

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