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Thanks Cynthia


Hre's a pic taken this evening as you can see, not much to it but still, anytime they stick a knife to yu your going to be sore for a few days. :innocent:



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Doing fine this morning guys; someone else who had the same procedure done and I've been talking to for the past year since all this started told me I wouldn't be albe to sleep on the left side and guess what :thumbup:

YEP, no problems sleeping in "any" position =))


We got rain here last night and I can hear my grass growing and thats going to be needing a mowing now by Monday and think I might try doing it with the riding mower and have a neighbor get the edges and in between the holly bushes with the push mower.


The fridge went on us the day before the operation so we might go shopping for a new one this afternoon.

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OMG You all are going to love this...


Just outside and the neighbor seen me (yea that neighbor)

She seen my neck and asked what happened so I pulled the ring of my shirt down so she could see the chest and told her I was in a fight and got stabbed.


Told her the other guy was in worse shape then me and the police called it as self defense =))


OUCH I just found out it hurts to laugh :thumbup:


Needless to say she ran back in her outhouse

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Todays a week since the procedure, still a bit sore but thats subsiding and getting back to myself.


It gets turned on this coming Thursday so stay tuned. :thumbup:

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We'll just a small update for you all.




And it goes something like this:























OK so I'm probably going overboard just a bit but the good news is the VNS Stimulator was adjusted to a .5 amp rating by my neurologist on May 22 and I have not had a feeling nor a seizure since :thumbsup:


So yea, I'm starting to get my hopes up as this looks like my life is fixing to change for the better forever :thumbup:

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So...you're going to rob a bank.......and buy a gas station then???? =))=))



Seriously, glad to read it's working for you buddy!!!!! :):):):):)



PS. I'm sorta partial to Fridays exhibit.....sorta like....black with chrome, lighting package and 17 inch wheels...4x4....V8.... maybe..... :thumbup::thumbup:

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A 3 wheeled Reliant Robin with a 3 cylinder motorbike engine iirc...


Having been in one you feel like kissing the ground when you get out...


Thursday for me!!!!!!!!!! The Mustang Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, yes oooohhhh, oooohhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh. Needed that............

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