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Don't dis the baby.....


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Well I assumed that is what they were, big tattoed fella's all in orange with Sheriffs watching over them holding shotguns.....


They were picking up litter and tending the grass between the carriageways etc

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I however think the Senators are going to win the Stanley Cup this year, and any comments otherwise are only intended for nefarious reasons.

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Nah - AC Milan are favourites LFC, sorry. Good luck, though mate.


Grain, you say the Senators are going to win the hockey - I knew, deep down, that pollies were good for something. Course, having 100 blokes on the team to 11 (or whatever) for the other side makes it a bit lopsided, but the pollies never worried about fairness in the past.



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That's just the way we right-wing gun fetishists like to do it: start 'em early.


Why my daughter had her own Mac-11 (machine guns are legal in NV) before she was out of diapers (bit hard on babysitters tho', three killed in the first week).


But seriously, this is a prime example of the IQ drain that seems to occur whenever someone becomes a bureaucrat.


I have a feeling if this guy had sent in a picture of his pet guinea pig, the giggle pig would have gotten then permit as well.


I mean, look what happened with that piece of shit @VA Tech!


Dude had been certified by a VA state superior court judge as a "danger to himself and others" ( :wacko: ) which should have barred him from purchasing any type of firearm (until he'd gotten a clean bill of mental health).


Yet because some nimrod paperpusher just stamps "approved" and the guy walks out of the store with a Glock-17 (that's 16 in the mag and one in the chamber) and then a .22 mag pistol and murders 32 people.


The merchants, in both cases, followed the exact letter of the law. But what good did it do?


The citizens of Virginia shouldn't have to pay for whatever the school did or didn't do, the bureaucratic dickhead who failed to flag this chump in the system should be sued. That's the person, in my considerable opinion, who should be held accountable. How about 32 counts of negligent homicide?


After all, why should the taxpayers of the Commonwealth have to pay for laws they wanted in place?!?


Frankly, I find more than a little disturbing this rush to profit from the death of a parent, child, sibling. It seems that's the first thing we do in the country (and not just this country of course) before even the funeral: call a lawyer to see how much profit can be realized from the "tragic loss." Not every reacts that way, of course, but even a cursory glance at the boob tube these days will show you the swarm of ambulance chasing vultures. These guys wouldn't be around if there weren't a huge demand for their opportunistic services.


We need to do it how the Brits do it with tort cases: if plaintiff loses, his lawyer (barrister) has to pay all the defense legal and court costs. It would cut down sharply on the bullshit lawsuits.

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