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DVD IFO Editing


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Hi Guys,


my mate made a dvd for me but i have noticed 2 things that bug me lol when the initial 1st video plays its 16:9 and should be 4:3 the main video is 16:9 so that's fine is there some way i can change the AR of the first video to 4:3?


secondly when the dvd plays it goes past the first video then goes straight to the 2nd instead of going to the main menu i can edit this so it goes to the main menu after the first video


hope that makes sense lol





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I'm not making too much sense of this maybe you can clear it up main and 1st video is the same thing to me . Ask your friend how it was made ,what programs etc and maybe its how it was made thats the problem ,you can change 16:9 to 4:3 but its a long drawn out process .Try Google on the process or software that will do it

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Are you sating the screen resulution changes between 16:9 and 4:3? What a mess.


If the main portion of it is 16:9 then I would say just get rid of the whole 4:3 mess.


You can use VOB edit and IFO edit to fix it up.


Actually, you can use IFOedit to generate new IFO and BUP files, if you just put the VOB files into a folder and run IFOedit. I have done this a few times when I used to have to split DVD's in half, and it worked well.


Doa google for IFO edit- There ought to be documentation on the site that tells you how to make new IFO's- Look for the are that talks about splitting a DL DVD into 2 single layer DVD's- Now there are programs that do this automatically, but it used to be that you had to do it manually, using the first DVD Decrypter to get the VOB files and then VOB EDIT to cut it in half, and then IFO edit was used to re-reacte the set up BUP and IFO files.


When I get a second I'll try to find a link (if it is still there)



(edit) Er, here is the link for that... look through the site, there may be a solutuon for your specific thing



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To change the aspect ratio of the domain, use PgcEdit to set the domain attributes of the video. Load the ripped DVD into PgcEdit. Right click on the domain where the vid is, select domaon stream attributes and select 4:3 - note this will change all video in that domain, not just this particular PGC.


Then kill playback of the second video (Ctrl-K).


Ctrl-S to save. Test in software player. Easy :)



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