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Wii Safety Shield. Dumbest Accessory Ever.

By Charlie Sorrel May 23, 2007 6:05:13 AM



It's been said that stupid people will buy any old junk, so the LCD Safety Shield should fly off the shelves. Anyone foolish enough to fling their Wiimote at their delicate LCD TV probably deserves everything they get, but now they can take out some extra insurance in the form of this plastic guard.


The shield, from Taiwanese accessory maker LCDArm, comes in various sizes, from 30-46" and just sits there, reflecting light and looking ugly. I suppose this could be practical if you really are a butter-fingered Wii Bowling enthusiast, but my take on the spate of suspiciously broken straps and screens at the Wii's launch is that they were publicity seeking stunts. No price, yet.

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