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"Book Type" for various drives


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:'( I need to know just what, when, where and Why about "Book Type" - When to worry about it, when not to, and how to set it properly.


DVx-Xxxxxxxxx and ImgBurn had a way to select Book Type, and the burning interface has these selections:




Ok, now this is not really a new question, but is there a site that lists which setting we should use for various makes of Burners? I tried http://cdrinfo.com and got lost, if there is a specific page, it is difficult to find. I was able to find out that my Aopen DUW/1616 is actually some kind of Ricoh burner, and I was able to assign the appropriate book type in ImgBurn, the same as I was able to do it for DvX-Xxxxxxxx.


So, the question is, is there some utility or site that lists the makes of the most popular (and even unpopular) burners and tells us how to assign booktype using ImgBurn?


Here are the units I have right now:


Sony DRU-500AX, SL burning only, does not read DL Burned disks

Aopen DUW/1616 - Can burn DL at 4x but I do not often do that


And I used to have an MSI DVD?RW SL burner that was 4x - and 8x +, and the only information it told the system was that it was "a generic burner" - I just need to know in case I come across any Generic Burners. again: I had bought it at PC Club for 40 bucks, that was about 2 years ago, right before DL burners took off.


So, that is the question really, when I have a unit and it says "Generic" what book type do I use?


The other question is, do I even need to be worrying about Book Type, a few of my friends are adamant about Yes, you have to set it, others say, do not worry about it. So, which? And, what what.


Whatever anyone can tell me about this: Cos it has been bugging me for about a year now, and I want to find out once and for all.

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I'm sure there are others that will chime in here also, but yes, if you can change booktype on your burner then you should. The reason is realy simple, when the original programming was done and the first dvd players were launched the consortium that came up with the programming made it a must that all players read dvd-rom discs. Therefore you lessen the probability that your disc will be rejected by a player if you have booktyped it to dvd-rom. You can only change the book on +R style discs though, -R dos not have that capability.

As far as the burner name is concerned, you need to know who manufactured the burner if the specs do not state whether it will burn a dvd-rom. Since many manufacturers make several burners which are simply rebadged to anothers name, I don't have a listing of all of the various manufacturers and their renamed to brand products. However Google is your friend and a lot can be learned from data mining a name brand or manufacturer. ;)

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Not sure if this will work but maybe if you open ImgBurn and select the "Generic burner" in the drop down menu, then right click on where you can see the drive. From here select the "Firmware Update" option from the context menu and left click that.


This should open the www.rpc1.org site and if your lucky it should check to see whether there are any firmware updates for your drive. If it finds some it may tell you who makes that Generic burner......


Its worth a go anyway and if your firmware is out of date you can update it at the same time !



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Not sure if this will work but maybe if you open ImgBurn and select the "Generic burner" in the drop down menu, then right click on where you can see the drive. From here select the "Firmware Update" option from the context menu and left click that.



:whistling: I was at work Shamus - so couldn't show the graphics, tried to explain it instead ! :P

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Wow, this was so long ago when I posted this... Thanx for all the "Chimes" from you folks, lots of good info from you and I appreciate it.


I have veered away from the AOPEN burners, although I have one right here in this machine, an old DUW1608/ARR - I got rid of my DUW1616s cos they developed a real problem regarding the ability to eject DVDs of CD's.


Spinningwheel: That makes a lot of sense, about changing Book type: Is this a Per-Use setting? Meaning do I need to set the booktype every time I burn? Or once I set it, and I am burning a certain type of DVD... Will it stay set to that booktype? And yes I always set it to DVD-ROM. I was told that much buy someone I actually do not trust, but it seems he gave me factual, er, facts (He he). Now I did not know that about -Rs - And of course, I never use -R disks at all. I never have used -R's. The MSI Generic burner I told you about, I gave that to a client about a year ago. I was never able to set the booktype, at least not with DVD Decrypter - Maybe I will be able to do it with IMGburn 2.1.x.x.


Shamus: Heh, you know how long I been using DVD-De-IMGBurn? Never noticed that. I checked it out right now, found an update for my Lite-On SHW-160P6S. Gonna check the AOPEN drive too. Pretty slick.


I got rid of my 1616's but I resurrected the 1608 from the "bad hardware pile" cos I just needed some DVD drive cos I made this system here, found a Good Box at PC Club and an MSI K8T800 - Cost 80 bucks total, box and board, it is a great board: Too bad they did not developer socket 754's longer, I like them. I already had a Sempron processor, and I found 2 160 GBs for about 59 each, made an array out of them. So I was strapped and I stuck the AOPEN back into the works. I've been using it, previously, it was crashing and burning expensive coasters. Now it is cranking out Data and Video backups at least 80 GB a day or so. I even swapped out the Sempron and shoved a Venice 3000+ into it and I screwed large fans onto any surface that had anything that even looked like a heat-sink. So now my CPU temp is about C, core temp is C.


I bought two of those Lite-On's for 30 bucks apiece from a great place I found, lowest prices in San Diego and not junk product. Finally I have an LG DVD-RAM and I did not understand the difference between a DVD-RAM and ROM- But it will burn DVD-ROM, so futt the whuck? It works, and good too. The latest DVD-RAM I got was a Sony DVD-RAM I got from New-Egg, that one was 40 bucks, I am not sure how good it is, but it was for a client, they were all out of the Lite-On


I am actually rather quite impressed with the quality of these units, even the ones that I have had problems with. It seems, the hardware goes hand in hand with the quality of the software, and IMGburn is among the tops- With Noxio or Rero, you have complicated installs that require one or more reboots. Actually I prefer Nero to Oxrio, but Roxio does have a decent label maker.


It seems the more complex the Burning software, the more coasters that are made. I used to use Padus DiskJuggler... It had one redeeming feature: It allowed you to burn "Across a network"


Ah. Well, I'm ranting again, I apologise.


Many thanx for all of your input on this, I finally was able to get back here and read it all.


Ok, well I am off to use that cool feature in the drop-down box in IMGburn. Thanx a lot, I get it better now.

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