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a little help for the chess board dummies

Qd3- means queen, something, 3 squares?????? right?

NxP- knight takes pawn???


me and my granddaughter (6yrs) can make legal moves, but no chessboard notations

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The board is divided into 8 rows (1-8) and 8 columns (a-h). White is always at the bottom (a1 is on white's left and h8 on black's). So, Qd3 means move the queen to the 4th column from (white's) left to (white's) row 3.


If black moves Qa6, it means move his queen to the rightmost column (ie white's 1st column=black's 8th column) and (white's) 6th row (=black's 3rd row)


NxP indeed means knight takes pawn. Sometimes you need to be more precise, so you mention which knight or which pawn.


The notation is:


R = Rook

K = King

B = Bishop

N= Knight

Q = Queen

If no piece is mentioned, it means the pawn.


See if you can replicate the following on a board from the start of a game.


1.  e4  e5 (In a move of 2 plies (or a move by each opponent), white is mentioned first - sometimes you see 7. ...  g5, this means white has made his move and black has moved his pawn to g5).
2.  Nf3  Nc6
3.  d4  exd4 (this means black's e pawn takes white's d pawn - this is an interesting opening full of traps)

If all this is beyond you, buy or borrow a chess for beginners book.



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I've been going through my 60 memorable games - again. An all time favourite. I also like Bronstein & Keres.


Karpov & Kasparov I never liked much - just seem like machines, products of the Russian system...


Sorry for playing so cautious, just getting back into it, but its not much fun for you...

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Don't give it away - you just need to do a bit of work on your development and centre control.


Anyways, thanks for the gg.


I have played a lot on the yahoo servers (check out my ID blutach :)).


Later mate.



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Game's over cathater (btw: how can anyone hate pussy?)


Plus, to save space you can use a little magnetic set.


I fyou wanna game, I'll spot you a queen's rook head start.



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Fair nuff.


However, it's not cheating if someone willingly gives you a head start - it's just the other bloke is handicapped (think of it like a horse race with different weights for different quality neddies).



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Hey blu...I'm ready for another game if you are. If your as good as you say its a very good opportunity for me to learn.


Sorry for bailing out mid week - needed to pay attention to personal stuff...


Your move as white I believe...

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