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I'm happy to play. Look, you gotta board there. You're allowed to play the move first in corro chess and see how it looks.


This might sound trite, but the way to make good moves is not to make bad ones. They don't always have to be the best moves, but if you don't make dumb blunders, you're bound to keep up at least (see game 1 for example). So, focus on not playing blunders and at least your moves will be reasonable to good.


And don't try to be too cute. The Q move was just cute. Instead of accepting your fate with the N (and of course the B after d6), you tried a cutesy move - this usually doesnt work with good players who know their defences and keep their options open.


So, there's lesson 1 - don't play bad moves. Sounds stupid doesn't it? But more games are lost thru blunders than are won thru brilliancies.



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