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DvDInfo PIPO scanning


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The algorithms used to calculate that value are very different in each program. CDSpeed's is pretty basic. DVDInfoPro's takes more into account.


Cdspeed doesn't seem to factor in PIE's at all and Dvdinfo seems to give them just a little

weight. Using a nec 3550 as a scanner to repeat this would probably show that.


I doubt that either will ever incorporate a damper for rogue spikes into their equation.

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that's a damn good burn and scan with such a new burner, the way I interpret is first look at the PIF totals, anything below 100 is great

with an 8ecc scanner, the PIF average is next, here's the weak link,

it needs to be reported to the 1/10 at least, this is where we get an idea

how much rogue spikes skew the QS. Now last is the PIE's, they

are easily handled by settop players, of course if you have POF's

bush the disk. Try a rescan of the disk at 8x and see what happens to the PI peaks and average. I think the QS formula is pretty good,

PIF average and total has far more weight.

The new NEC's probably are off by a factor of 10 on the PIE.


still running stock firmware I see

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