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You really should only be using verbatim, if those fail on the backups you make at home then its time to reinstall op, then buy a new computer if it's still the same using standard MS drivers, look at all hardware change IDE cables Twice with known working cables.


You cannot try and figure out whats going wrong when your using SHITE media, You , Us will be on forever and a day until you try on decent backups using Verbatim MKM 2.4x and games not downloaded from the net.

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Have you already tried those drives in another PC?


Get confirmation that they work in another machine using the exact same media and then take it from there.



tried it today in another machine and it works fine



i had a pioneer 111 worked fine for a couple of years then out of the blue started getting L-EC Uncorrectable Error and invalid write address

so got a pioneer 112 same happened so exchanged it same happened again so got the pioneer 115 and errors again

so it carnt be the pioneers


any ideas?

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