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I was at Costco (a giant wholesaler) just a little while ago and saw TDK + and - DVD's 16X printables on sale, buy one get one free 200 for $42.00 . Oh please tell me there's some great dye on them


TDK was one of the first name brands to sully their rep. Maxell was next.


I would go for the -R's


Price: $40 Purchased from: www.costco.com Date purchased: December 2005


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Mate, last lot of TDK's I bought here in australia were nothing short of crap, you guesed it CMC MAG's, upon screeming and yelling at TDK, I got "too bad so sad" this is the way it is now.


So I havn't bought a single TDK sinse.


Please let us know what you end up with.



polo, I posted this back in Sep in the other forum, :) I found it for you.


Thanks, I thought as much, I finaly bit the bullet and forked out good dollars for top class media only to find that my drive doesn't like them, isnt life a bitch.


Oh, I'll share this with you guys, I've been using TDK's now for a long time, their -R media is usualy TTG01 or TTG02, and their +R is usualy RICOHJPN, my drive loved them and never had a problem, the +R's burning at 12X without a problem.


The last batch I bought, were all CMC's AGHH, 1 burn in 5 if I'm lucky, I wrote to TDK to inform them that their disks had gone shit, here is their reply, no more TDK's for me.


My email.


To whom it may concern.


I'm writing to express my disappointment in a recent purchase of 4x25 packs of +R media in non printable 1 - 8X speed DVD+R's.


I have always purchased these for their quality, in the past they were always RICOHJPN dye, my latest purchase however are all CMC dye, which are nothing short of crap.


These are not the cheapest media out there, in fact at $34 per 25 makes them one of the most expensive, but like I said, I like quality and don't mind paying for it.


I would be lucky to get one successful burn out of 5 from the CMC's, clearly not acceptable, where as the RICOHJPN dye never misses.


Please don't blame my drive or the firmware and or my DMA settings, I can assure you it is the dye used.


Please let me know if there is something you can do, if not, you have lost a loyal TDK customer and a about 90 disks in the bin.


thank you for your time.


Their reply


Dear Mr Kenadjian, apologies for the delay, we were checking to confirm possible problems with other users regarding our change of factories (a few years ago we were making DVD's with Ricoh magnetics) now we use CMC. TDK has guidelines regarding quality and the standard of disc has not changed so they should be at same specs anyway. All I can suggest is you return the DVD's at no cost to yourself to the following address and we will test and replace with a report that will hopefully explain the cause.

Please include your name and address also the name of your drive and anything that will help our technician with his testing.

The address is:

TDK (Australia) Pty Ltd.

Reply Paid 78277,

North Sydney, NSW 2060.


Fuck em.

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:o CMC MAG's, man that would piss me right off if they were CMC .I think its time for a little truth in advertising like putting the dye manufacturer on the label .Most people who buy discs dont have a clue anyway and buy by brand recognition
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