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Licensing of ImgBurn


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Hi there all,


I guess this question is aimed at the admins/Lightning UK


I work in the ICT space at a large government organization in Australia. We are currently looking for a replacement for our computer fleet for cd/dvd burning software.


ImgBurn seems to fit our needs, however I can't find any specific licensing guidelines stating its free to use for commercial/enterprise level.


I see there has been a few questions surrounding the issue and the consensus is that as long as we don't sell the product then its fine (we won't be selling the software, only using it).


One of the biggest hurdles we have with free software is support, so I would like to make it clear that we would use the product as is, with no warranty implied, and would not expect corporate support etc....

We wouldn't expect anything from you other than the green light to say we can use it.


Our fleet is approximately 4000 machines and growing, the current software we use is buggy to say the least, so we are looking for a simple to use app and ImgBurn fits the bill.


Looking forward to your reply, and hopefully the green light to approach this product further.




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Won't dignify that rubbish with a reply volvo - of course, you do remember the 5-0 whitewash you received a couple of years back, eh?


As for a donation from Kevin 747's government, it wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on - our dollar, which was almost parity with the US a few months ago, slipped to 60 cents the other day. Now, that's economic management!



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