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CloneCD settings in ImgBurn?


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I need to burn an old image (IMG format). According to the notes I have, it needs to be burned in CloneCD with the following settings:


Right click the cd writer you are going to use  
in clone cd click settings  and select the follwing
Buffer underrun protection
Allow "amplify week sectors"
Click ok....window closes!
Click next 
Select protected game and right click it click edit
Tick....don’t repair sub channel data  
Select emulate weak sectors 
Click ok ...window closes


Do they exist in ImgBurn? I really don't want to install CloneCD, as I'm more than happy with ImgBurn. Besides, just what do those settings do? Btw, it is not a protected game. Not sure why that is in there.


Thanks in advance.

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No, they don't.


Before burning the image just make sure that it's a single session/track one.


Open the CCD file in notepad and take a look down the bottom.


Failing that, mount the CCD in DAEMON Tools or Virtual CloneDrive and then look at the disc info within ImgBurn when pointing Read mode at the virtual drive.

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