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Check for other handles to the Writer


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Would this be possible?


Check for other handles to the drive, end the process it is running while burning then start the application again.


I suggest this as i have bought a dell pc from my local pc shop, a Studio Hybrid.


It has a slot loading drive that can only be opened when a process is running called TestUnitReady.exe, the process is to activate the eject button on the pc.


this process keeps a handle on the drive and prevents me from writing until it is killed, then i need to restart the process to activate the eject button.


I know it would only be a few lines of code for just this one process but im sure there will be other processes similar.



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I'm not killiing any processes, that sort of action should only ever be taken by the user.


how about an option to run an application before burn and run an application after burn??


that way i can write my own application to kill the process and start one up again.

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@Locoeng - The eject button inside imgburn does work, but thats not helpful when ive not got image burn loaded and playing dvds. asking for the functionallity is more about convenience than a bother which is why this is in the suggestions area.


@LIGHTNING UK! - Thankyou for the idea, i now have an executable to kill my process, start imgburn and when its closed start my process again Ive never thought of using a batch file to do such things. Do you know how i could get this to be associated with me double clicking an .iso file as thats my usual method of starting imgburn

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