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Copying Music CD's (Legal!!!)


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I am trying to create copies of some music CD's that I have created from ancient vinyl albums. The problem with the original CD's I created is that the person I made them for cannot read most of them on her CD Player.


So, I am using imgburn to make new copies, and burning them at a slow speed (4X). It seems to have improved things.


My question is: Are there any other special settings I should try in order to increase the chances that they will be readable on relatively old equipment (apart from trying to clean the equipment, which I have tried!)?


One final observation: Your guide to copying does not cover music CD's, i.e. that imgburn will automatically create a .cue file as well as the .bin, .iso or .img file, and that you have to select the .cue file as the file to write, when you reach that step! If there is a guide for this that explains it, I apologize, but I could not find it!


Thanks for your help!

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Nope, no special settings.


Just make sure you're using Taiyo Yuden discs and burn at roughly half the max speed your drive supports on them.


i.e. if it lists 48x, burn at 24x or something.


Just as it does for MDS / ISO burning, if you select the BIN and a CUE is present, ImgBurn will tell you that you should have picked that instead and use it automatically.

I guess I could update the guide(s) to mention BIN/CUE files.

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