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About an ImgBurn Portable,,,


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I know an app called VMware Thinapp that turns softwares into portable softwares...

Maybe you guys heard of it?

I friend of mine at his computer geek work,

they bought VMware Thinapp and,

he tried to make ImgBurn portable using it!

Well, he succeeded!

Dunno if people are having troubles with already implemented Portable options in ImgBurn but,

using VMware Thinapp would probably resolve alot of problems people are encountering i think!


Thats just a suggestion! I hope i did not offended anybody in any way cuz if so, im sorry... :thumbup:


edited by eSkRo: oops, sorry, i thought i was posting in the Suggestion Board,,,

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It is not portable. It still looks in a specific directory for its preview options and has several specific directories for its File Locations. If it was portable, it wou7ld have everything relative to the run path and never list anything like "C;\..." or "G:\...", etc.

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I apologize! It is portable. When you close the app it writes the ImgBurn.ini file with relative links instead of hardcoded locations. I should have waited until I closed the program first. Sorry!!

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