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How can I get my songs to burn in the correct order?


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I'm new to ImgBurn, but this sounds to me like the standard Windows bug which always affects copying a batch of files, attaching files to emails, playing a group of music tracks etc. The first one listed ends up last, and often the last one ends up first, although the ones in between are in the right order.


I have found by trial and error that the way round this is to do as follows:


Say you have 12 files you wish to copy.


Select files 2-12 as a block, by left-clicking on no. 2, then holding down Ctrl+Shift and left-clicking no. 12.


Now that you have files 2-12 highlighted, hold down Ctrl (only) and left-click file no. 1, to add it to the highlighted block.


Any action you perform on the highlighted files should now go in the right order, with no. 1 first. It works for playing music, it works for attaching files to emails, and I bet it'll work for burning files as well.

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