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Little off-topic: how to convert files to DVD format


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hey guys..

This may be a little off topic but I hope u guys can help me out..

First off I know that we can use DVD FLICK to convert movies to DVD format

But I realized that when I convert it ...the video quality isnt the same...

After the conversion..the video turns out a little blurrer

I tried looking around google to see if I can change the quality through fixing the settings

Up till now I can't find any

Do you guys knows solutions To this?

I just wanna burn a movie so that it's on a disc w/ same video quality and playable on dvd player

Thanks help would be helpful

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The only way around this is getting a higher quality source video (if you're downloading from somewhere :pirate2: ) or applying sharpening (though in the end it won't look much better).

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If you're outputting to a 40"+ TV, invest in something that can play your files without you having to convert them.


Western Digital make a cute little media box with hdmi output... it even plays MKV files :) (and you want 720p really for big TV's)

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