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Isn't that a replication master image? No, you can't burn those with ImgBurn.




it is possible to burn a disc from data files of supplied DDP files BUT only in several specific cases:


- IMAGE.DAT or similar main data file must start at sector 150 or later (for files starting before sector 150 you can use a hex-editor to remove the pregap)

- it is always better to work with one big file instead of several separate tracks (CD-Audio tracks, Video CD tracks)

- it is not easy to burn multisession DDP without proprietary software or some modifications

- only DDP without any protection (CSS, ...)


1) CD-ROM with 2048 bytes/sector or single layer DVD-ROM, DVD-Video - just burn IMAGE.DAT or the largest file of DDP set - similar as burning an ISO image


2) CD-ROM with 2352 bytes/sector


prepare a CUE sheet with something like



TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00


- burn the CUE sheet and verify the disc


3) CD-Audio - it is more difficult to burn from DDP because you have to create track times for CUE sheet from times specified in PQDESCR text file (subtract 2:00 etc.), but it is possible too.


4) Dual layer DVD - more complicated but can be done

- use "Create DVD MDS File" option from "Tools" menu

- insert main data file for Layer 0 first!! and then!! the data file for Layer 1

- layer break field should be filled with number of sectors of Layer 0 (the length of the file /2048)

- you should know if the DDP files are prepared for the OTP or PTP disc and should choose the proper one

- save the MDS file to the parent folder of both layers (not to L0 or L1 folder)

- burn the MDS file and verify the disc


I hope it will help you with the DDP files. Ask more if needed.



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