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Does the ImgBurn installer install any software besides ImgBurn even if I decline the offers?

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Ever since I learned on Wikipedia about the Freemake Virus, I have become a lot more skeptical of installing software on my Dell Inspiron 7558 from software developers Windows SmartScreen fails to identify. I enjoyed having Freemake Video Downloader and Freemake Video Converter until I learned why a very strange program called "WinPCap" kept appearing in the programs and features menu after I kept uninstalling it, uninstalling it, uninstalling it: Freemake installs extra software on your computer even if you decline the offers in the installer! I deep cleaned my hard drive and made sure to re-install only programs that do not come with anything not described in even the fine print. Here today, January twenty-fourth, two thousand seventeen, I am considering re-installing ImgBurn, but only if I receive proof from either the software developer or an expert witness that the installer downloaded directly from www.imgburn.com does not come with anything other than ImgBurn if I decline all of the offers.


LIGHTNING UK!, you've been adamant about ImgBurn not containing any kind of unwanted software in the preceding two years. Please give me as much evidence as you can without compromising any kind of security or privacy of the ImgBurn installer from its official website not introducting anything to our computers except the capability of making copies of DVDs and saving them as ISO files to whatever storage medium we please. Much like in a courtroom, I expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Furthermore, some users have complained about security software installed on their computers raising alarms of viruses, specifically Trojans. If this is no better than a false alarm of a malicious program, you really should work on a minor update so the installer doesn't look suspicious to our security software programs. If you very much appreciate people using your free program, make it look like it by shaking things up a bit a priority between now and the end of this year, starting with making sure it IS innocent, and LOOKS innocent. I've made myself a promise: installers that APPEAR to contain unwanted code will be deleted and possibly reported to the authorities.


I've rambled on long enough. In a nutshell, all I need to get back to backing up my DVDs as ISO files is an explanation from someone who knows more than a thing or two about information security that ImgBurn is actually a free program, not a gimmick to generate revenue from advertising, or even worse, using or disseminating my identity! Don't forget, especially if you want to win some of the users you have lost because of these alarms of a suspicious program, update ImgBurn to put these alarms to bed!


I am marking my Outlook calendar to check this blog post every three days for the next thirty days. I certainly hope I get a convincing response by this time next month.

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Nothing I've written in the nsis installer script installs anything else, no.


Obviously there is a call to a plugin that offers 3rd party software, but I've no reason to believe it'll install anything if you've opted out or not opted in.


That's pretty much all you're going to get out of me as that's all there is to say.


If you've looked at anything on this forum, hopefully you'll realise for yourself that I stand behind ImgBurn and have supported it to the best of my ability since day one.

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If you really are worried, disconnect your Internet connection before running the ImgBurn installer.  That way, it can't phone home to get 3rd party offers.  That's what I started doing with ImgBurn and Freemake software when I learned it had OpenCandy in it.  (There's not really a Freemake Virus.  ZoneAlarm even flags it, somewhat contradictory, that it's "Not A Virus" in it's "Virus" dialogue.)  Freemake now bundles something called Fusion.dll that is flagged as the not.a.virus Virus.  Once the installer finishes, the DLL is deleted.  I am guessing this DLL is what phone homes to the 3rd party software server.  With my Internet connection disabled, Freemake software never offers 3rd party software. 



It may still install WinPCap, apparently, as I never noticed it before until you mentioned it.  However, there could be any number of applications I installed that may require packet capturing.  From Freemake Video Downloader to ZoneAlarm.  If malware installs it, it generally doesn't add WinPCap to Add/Remove Programs.  It purposefully obfuscates it because it doesn't want you to know it's there doing something you don't want.

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