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Burning standard Blu Ray disc. Not data disc

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Baring in mind ImgBurn doesn't convert anything, you need to feed a proper bd video file/folder structure into it in order for the disc to come out as a bd video disc.

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Technically, every disc is a data disc.  It's how the hardware recognizes the format of the data that determines whether it will play it.  Stick any Blu-Ray movie disc in a PC BD drive and open it in Windows/File Explorer, and you'll see a file and folder structure.



Actually, I think audio CD's aren't data discs, now that I consider it.  If you insert a music CD into a PC drive, I think Windows/File Explorer will only recognize it as an audio CD.  You can create multi-track (I think it's a separate track.) for data on a music CD that Windows/File Explorer will recognize as data.  But, traditional audio CD's played on a stand alone audio CD player aren't data discs because they were created like 35 years ago.



As LUK said, the folder (I keep forgetting its name.) that stores the actual video streams, may not be authored correctly.  Or the job settings that created the image were not correct for BD Video.



Could also be that your Blu-Ray player doesn't like that particular BD disc brand you burned to.  Is this your first time burning BD Video or have you done it before and it's suddenly started making discs that don't play?

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