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Burning MP4 / WMV to DVD disk?

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Win10 (ugh).


I was thinking of moving over from another free, DVD-burning software.  Honestly, though, I'm confused about what IMGBurn does.


I have MP4's and WMV's that I would like to burn to DVD -- but, IMGBurn does not seem to recognize or find them on my computer.  So, they seem to be unavailable for burn.


After having searched the fora, I think that what I'm supposed to do is to convert any file to a "DVD file" . . . then, use IMGBurn to burn it to disk. But, isn't that what IMGBurn should be doing anyways, namely, converting a file into a DVD format and burn it to disk?


Is IMGBurn then just a burner which doesn't convert?


Thanks for any help!

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ImgBurn is just a burner, it doesn't convert your video files.


If you want it to burn a DVD Video disc, you need to feed it a set of DVD Video files.

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If your stand alone player supports MP4 and WMV native playback, you can use ImgBurn to copy these files to discs and have your player load them.  If you play them in Windows, they will load from the discs ImgBurn makes.  If you expect your MP4 and WMV files to play as DVD's, you will need to convert them to VIDEO_TS contents.  ImgBurn won't do this, but it will burn compliant VIDEO_TS folders made by applications converting MP4 and WMV to DVD VIDEO_TS.



I use ConvertXToDVD to convert such files to DVD, but it's not freeware.  You have to pay for it, but you can get a watermarked, I think, full trial where you get an entire DVD but it has a watermark that plays all through the video.  But, it does give you an idea of if the software is for you or not.

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