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[Help] Burning in RAW mode

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Is there a facility for burning CDs in RAW mode? I have seen that you can scan CDs in RAW, but what about burning them, please? 

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Hmm seems we're more than a few interested in RAW CD burn support in ImgBurn.

LIGHTNING, just out of curiosity, what is your rationale for not wanting to implement this burning mode?

Is it philosophical? Is it to protect ImgBurn from possible legal issues somehow? (I remember the switch from DVD Decrypter to ImgBurn..)


Here I just would love to get rid of Alcohol 120% that I solely use for the "Playstation" burning profile (basically RAW DAO burning I believe).

Since ImgBurn covers 99% of my burning needs (and then some), I find it just silly to have another soft/drivers installed for that one missing feature.


RAW DAO is needed to burn certain images with intentional mastering errors (so they are not auto-corrected on the fly by the burner), I believe.





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