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  1. Well they are TTH02 disc's - so they are reportedly crappy. What you have however found is that a test of blank media shows every block bad - I get the same results as you when I test my Blank Verbatim's.
  2. You've got to wonder how they can rate it at 16x - do they actually get what they consider good burns at that speed ? Actually, they probably use TY's or Verbatims rather than their own crap.
  3. zacoz

    XBOX 360

    Yeah, I purchased a relatively inexpensive DVD player earlier this year from Target. While I expected it to be of cheap construction, the feature set was pretty good for the price - including DivX/XviD playback. After using it for a day it went back as even the most basic XviD was badly stuttering. They initially refused to give me a refund or even exchange it on the basis that I should have know the brand identified it as a lesser quality product so should have been expecting what I got. As it played DVD's and played (using the term very generally) XviD's, then it wasn't faulty so "tough luck". Needless to say the Manager was called and he was informed what I thought of his company's apparent policy of selling shoddy product and shafting it's customers who stood up for their rights. I walked out 5 minutes later with a full refund and an apology.
  4. Yes, I found that happened Shamus. My first ever DVD drive (Pioneer OEM) came without a region code yet set, and WinDVD set it (without asking me mind you) , the first time I put a region coded DVD in. Unfortunately, although the disc I put in says region 4 all over the packaging, the disc itself was actually Region code 2 and 4 (not RCE - just saving on production costs I guess). I've since noticed that quite a number of my discs are similarly coded. If memory serves this confused the heck out of me , wondering why I was having trouble with my Region 4 only discs. Eventually worked out what had happened.
  5. poem ???? post was in response to Spinningwheel's post
  6. There are ? There are a lot of copyrighted movies that do not have MacroVision or CSS Encryption on them - but that doesn't make them public domain.
  7. Ok, let's break it down: "Your confidence, imagination, and creative spirit make you the Pioneer." You're not really that bright, so the perfect expendable one to be put out in front. "You are not interested in following society's dictates - you prefer to think for yourself." You can't work out what's going on so just make it up as you go along. "You are willing to try almost anything once, and you know there is always something to be learned or gained from varied experiences." Like when you tried to install that antennae on your roof during the thunderstorm last month. "Your imaginative exploits rarely entail acting completely irresponsibly" See above - You remember when the paramedics removed your protective rubber soled shoes don't you. " - you tend to be fairly conscientious." But you're still not sure why you're medical insurance company refused to pay for your hospital stay after you filled them in on all the preceding details. "You appreciate a balance between an active social life and spending time alone." Yes, you would also appreciate actually having an active social life instead of having to spend all your time alone. "Your varied environment helps maintain your steady emotional state and allows you to express yourself alone and in the company of others." Between the nicely padded walls of your new room and the sterile office where the doctor gives you those nice red and yellow pills you are feeling very emotionally balanced (or emotionally void - one of the two) "Your creative and curious spirit combine with your profoundly steady emotions to make a very unique personality." That lovely nurse always comments that she's never come across anyone as remotely witless as you in her lifetime =))
  8. zacoz

    XBOX 360

    If there are problems with the system from the start then wouldn't the stores have a legal obligation to refund your money if you wanted ? I know rights vary with country / state, but in Queensland here if the product has a fault you were not aware of prior to purchase then you are entitled to a replacement, repair, or a refund - the option of a refund not being at the seller's discretion. (Fair Trading Qld) I know that some stores washed their hands of handling returns for iPods - saying that customers had to contact Apple directly even if the problem arose the day after purchase. Probably got away with it most of the time too - people too easily give up their rights. Hopefully they'll have the issue resolved prior to the Australian launch.
  9. And if that doesn't help maybe a *professionally* developed test will help - there's 114 to choose from - http://www.psychtests.com/ But then, how do you choose the right one. Try rolling some dice - here or here But careful you don't get hooked on them dice because uncontrolled gambling is bad, and then you'd be a bad person - no question about it.
  10. How far off topic this thread can go !
  11. Now you could of course add it to the splash screen on startup, except the program is so clean that it's startup is measured in fractions of seconds, rather than minutes.
  12. Learn something new everyday - thanks LUK.
  13. After trolling through the suggestions and questions on the forum I got to thinking whether the About Box should be expanded.
  14. Never set a booktype (also have a Pioneer) and neither of my standalone players have a problem.
  15. A 3meg ISO? You suppose it's finishing before it's starting Shamus ?
  16. LFC, isn't it just great the amount of support you get around here. It brings a tear to my eye... while
  17. Haven't you swapped that antiquated cd rom drive out for a brand spanking new DVD burner yet ?
  18. Some people here know WAY TOO MUCH information about others. LFC, I didn't think you were supposed to share other people's stories outside the therapy group ?
  19. Gotta watch them green grocers - they're a shifty lot I've heard that they've implanted eyes in the potatoes, ears on the corn, and even working on a head of brocholli. Think I'll go and invest in a RF scrambler just to be on the safe side.
  20. Hope for his sake it was before he met Firey And to pilfer a comment from his lordship: (WooHoo - 100 totally unhelpful and useless posts!)
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