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  1. You can try to cross-flash to the Q113 but that requires some reading and following the instructions. Beware that this could brick your drive if things go wrong. Your drive is MATSHITA BD-RE UJ-225S and the other drive is MATSHITABD-MLT UJ-225S. Read here for more info http://www.rpc1.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&p=239084
  2. Sorry, I missread the firmware numbers. It's not driver. It's firmware. It's a program installed in the device. On Dell site the XPS M1530 model is listed as containing PLDS DX-20A6Q HH SATA Trayload DVD+/-RW or OPTIARC AD-7640A 8X 12.7 IDE slotload DVDRW Look under Removable Storage. Is this the laptop you have? http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/xps-m1530/drivers Did you replaced the original drive with this MATSHITA BD-RE UJ-225S? Maybe a cleaning of the drive will help get over the Power Calibration problem. Other than that maybe a new drive. Also try all the available write speeds.
  3. On a quick search both seems to come from Sony. Always use the latest date. Seems to be repacked and released again that's why are two. Anyway, you should find the correct one for your device in the Download section on manufacturer site.
  4. Windows Media Player don't read natively CD-Text, you need WMPCDText plug-in installed http://bmproductions.fixnum.org/index.htm?http://bmproductions.fixnum.org/moreprogs/wmpcdtext.htm I've found the 2012 version manual and looked in it. This is what you own? https://carmanuals2.com/get/toyota-camry-2012-toyota-universal-display-audio-system-owner-s-manual-with-navigation-audio-system-operation-11577 The only refference to CD-Text on disc is on page 118 and says: "If a CD-TEXT disc is inserted, the title of the track and disc currently being played will be displayed." No ways to change what's displayed are mentioned. That seems indeed a poor implementation. At the end of the manual it mentiones about Gracenote music recognition technology.
  5. Are you using Type A or Type B display? Here is the manual for the car audio system. On page 228 explains the display type and what it shows on each step. https://carmanuals2.com/get/toyota-camry-2010-using-the-audio-system-11339
  6. Try to rebuild the image from files. Use Create image from files/folders and add the source files the content of the disc.
  7. It also create the AUDIO_TS folder to comply the original standard of folders structure. The new players don't care about this but some older players choke on discs that only contain VIDEO_TS folder.
  8. @ dbminter You don't even need to create the VIDEO_TS folder if you have all the correct files. You only need the ifo bup vob files and just add them to project and the program will detect the files and prepare the correct folders for a compliant Video DVD. @ JRU Use what cornholio7 recommends or try DVDStyler that's also free.
  9. Cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc may help. Also there is a new firmware for your drive http://www.firmwarehq.com/Lite-On/iHAS124%2BE/files.html
  10. You just need to edit the filenames in the edit window to remove the artist and leave only the trackname and set in the Settings for File name format to %3 %4 or %7 %4 before converting. Seems that in the new versions the program can't extract correctly the field needed. %3 %4 will give: 1 Trackname %7 %4 will give: 01 Trackname Also you can use some separator if you want ( _ or - ) like: %3_%4 will give: 1_Trackname %7_%4 will give: 01_Trackname or %3 - %4will give: 1 - Trackname %7 - %4 will give: 01 - Trackname
  11. I always loved and used CDex. http://cdex.mu/
  12. Are you running Windows 8 ? Read here http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-8/hdg-explains-swapfile-sys-hiberfil-sys-and-pagefile-sys-in-windows-8/
  13. New users have some restrictions and can't reply to others topics just yet. You are welcome to start your own topic though if you wish.
  14. I thought that WAV files don't have tags but seems that some info could be added in some forms. Here is some nice info and links to some programs that deals with WAV files. http://wavmetadata.blogspot.ro/
  15. If you haven't uninstalled and reinstalled ImgBurn than you should have more logs. There is room for about 5000 lines if I remember correctly. Ooops, too slow.
  16. It dosen't matter if you burn the Video_TS folder or the ISO made from that folder assuming the folder is compliant. You can burn first the folder and make an ISO if you wish, than burn that ISO again and again. It's just easier to create the ISO direct from the folder and skip the copy from disc to ISO part. The ISO is a copy of the disc exactly how it is, it's just a container of the Video_TS folder. Make sure you burn the ISO in Write mode not Build mode.
  17. You can burn as many disc you want from the Build mode. Go on the Device tab and set the number of copies but that will use the same drive. You better create the ISO and set the queue function to use all the drives consecutively.
  18. ianymaty

    Merging MP3's?

    Give Nero SoundTrax a go. It's free and may be what you need.
  19. Hi LUK! Maybe you should stick a title to that bar, something like "Media usage." and add a description baloon tip something like "Space occupied on current inserted disc." as you know that a lot of users come and ask what's going on with that percentage. As for the last track skipping, it could be the quality of the disc at the outer edge, a common problem on cheap media. Even it is labeled Verbatim it could be from the value line that is manufactured by other company not the real Verbatim.
  20. You may find more and better answers on VideoHelp forum for this type of questions. http://www.videohelp.com/
  21. Your installed firmware is not the latest as I see it. You have SB00 but the latest available on the link is SB03. Go and install it before go to shop.
  22. You can even use Winamp with Alt+3 to edit the tag why convert them back?
  23. It's better to add the info at the time of rip using CDex. - http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos/ After the rip you can add the info with Mp3tag. - http://mp3tag.de/en/index.html
  24. Go to Help > ImgBurn Statistics... That's all you can fiind about burned discs but is limmited to that computer and is counted from the ImgBurn installation if you didn't reset the statistics.
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