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  1. If your storage (HDD or SSD) can cope to feed the transfer needed should be doable.
  2. I'm still lurking here maybe once or twice on week...
  3. I never did BD video discs so I am not familiar with this but as you mentioned ProShow Producer I thought I chime in... I don't know what output you've got from ProShow Producer back in 2014 but I just did it to try out. I opened the last compilation made with the program and selected Blu-ray to publish. It complained it didn't find the CD drive. I was expecting to complain for a BD drive as I don't have one but it just asked for CD drive. Anyway just got over it an created an ISO file. Mounted the ISO in Virtual Clone Drive to see what's in it. It has two folders BDMV and CERTIFICATE. BDMV has a bunch of other folders in it and other folders and files under the branch. CERTIFICATE is empty. Started VLC and go to Media > Load a disc... select Blu-ray hit Play. VLC showed an error screen about not having Java installed for playing back the menu. Got rid of the error and the show played fine. My assumption is that the ISO it created is fine and respects the BD standard and if it would be put on a BD media it should play in standalone player. Now, is the disc from the 2014 produced the same as I explained? It has the correct BDMV folder and CERTIFICATE? If its something else, you can't expect the standalone player to run it as a BD disc.
  4. @LIGHTNING UK! I know that if you hover the cursor over it it shows what it is but maybe you should pile-up a title for that bar so people don't confuse it. Just a thought.
  5. Thake a look here https://www.videohelp.com/software/sections/authoring-bd-hd-dvd
  6. Seems you try to combine two DVD Video discs into one. That is not possible to just copy them toghether to one disc and expect it to be played as a DVD Video on a standalone player. You need to reauthor the disc to have them combined and be able to play both slides from the same disc. You can use some free software. You can chose any from this recomendations https://www.movavi.com/learning-portal/best-dvd-authoring-software.html
  7. @billob I'll try to help you in your thread
  8. If you just try to circumvert Win 11 restrictions, use this tool to rebuild the ISO https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/win-11-boot-and-upgrade-fix-kit.83724/
  9. Thanks for clarifying what happened. In my case that is obvious that was the cause.
  10. Some days ago the Messages icon showed I have new message but when I access it the last message was from 2 yers ago... 😀 I figured that some changes was made to the board so I didn't bothered.
  11. It's not public for everyone to acces it but I think that is no secret in it as eventualy all that is put there it will get public on release date. Here is how it looks for now: - In Progress... Added: Option to auto-accept a few warnings related to 'Read Compatibility' when burning a small image to a DVD DL disc. Added/Changed: If you choose to overwrite an existing image file, any accompanying CCD/CUE/DVD/MDS files get deleted so old ones don't exist alongside an image they aren't meant for. Added/Changed: There's a now a 30 second timeout (per track) when no progress is being made during track analysis (finding pregaps). Changed: Removed IronSource stuff from the installer. It's now 'clean' again. - Pre April 2021 Added: Support for recognising some extra versions of Windows 10 (i.e. Education edition) and added the version number (i.e. 1709) to the OS string in the log. Added: CLI return value '6' if cycling the tray between write and verify was aborted or failed. Added: Support for displaying information about spare area allocation / usage on DVD-RAM discs. Added: Support for reading the volume label from the 'disc.inf' file (if present) when building a DVD/HDDVD/BD Video image/disc. Added: Tweak for USB SuperSpeed detection on Window 8+ operating systems. Added: Support for identifying Ultra HD Blu-ray / AACS2 drive capabilities. Added: Support for idenfitying Ultra HD Blu-ray BD-ROM media in the disc info panel. Added: Support for 8cm DVDs in Build mode. Added: New '/CONVERTMODE2TOMODE1' command line parameter, enabling the user to auto-answer the prompt when attempting to save a 'Mode 2' CD as an ISO file (it should be a BIN file). Added: Before displaying the CUE file 'Save As' dialog, the program now does a little check for file names that won't convert to Ansi (and back) and adjusts the default value for the 'Save as type' field accordingly. Added: Double clicking files in the 'Disc' section of the Disc Layout Editor window now opens them. Added: Disc information is now shown for BD discs with the XG4 disc identifier. Added: Ability to select multiple folders via the newer (IFileDialog) folder dialog box in Build mode. Added: The 'Physical Format Information' disc info text block now also includes the 'Layer Type' field. Added: Log entry showing the current state of the 'Advanced Quiet Drive' and 'PureRead' features for Pioneer drives when reading/verifying a disc. Added: Support for disabling 'Quiet Mode' on Pioneer drives when reading / verifying a disc. Added: Support for manipulating the 'Advanced Quiet Drive' and 'PureRead' features for Pioneer drives via the 'Advanced Settings' feature. Added: Option to show/hide hidden files from the Explorer pane within the Disc Layout Editor window. Changed: Switched from OpenCandy to IronSource. Changed: Updated to latest OpenCandy SDK. Changed: Updated installer to NSIS 2.51. Changed: The ListBox in the Log window is now double buffered to reduce flickering as items are added to it. Changed: Fail silently when an attempt to get the connection speed of a USB device fails. Changed/Fixed: Only open devices for 'read' access (not 'read/write') when extracting boot images. Changed/Fixed: Slight tweak to the CD-TEXT code when building the disc id pack. Fixed: Incorrect values within 'BD Disc Information' text when BDXL TL/QL media is present. Fixed: Detect if an 'INDEX' within a CUE file start beyond the end of the data (BIN) file. Fixed: Not being able to use the phyiscal layer break position on 8cm DVD media when in Build mode. Fixed: Potential leak when displaying the newer (IFileDialog) open/save/folder dialog boxes. Fixed: Bad CRC calculation when patching the 'boot information table'. Fixed: Reading and using Album Performer/Title tags in CUE files when they aren't wanted. Fixed: Incorrect read/write rates being calculated when working with CDs.
  12. The changelog shows for now: 7 Fixed, 8 Changed and 21 Added things, so I have confidence that it will be released till the end of the year.
  13. Maybe driver update from Windows Updates botched something... They sometimes do quirks. Try with the latest drivers for USB ports from the manufacturer's site.
  14. It seems there is a newer firmware released for you drive https://www.firmwarehq.com/Samsung/SH-S223C/files.html Try update the drive with the SB07 (now it's on SB04), it may help or not. Remove the disc from the drive when flashing it.
  15. HA HA, now CMC owns TY too. At least the disc production line. Does anybody produce discs this days apart from CMC?
  16. The verify function is alright. It tells you that the disc can be read back at least in the same drive that it was burned. Now, other drives can be picky and can't read what other drive burned correctly by whatever reason. What you can do is to make sure that you are using quality discs such as Verbatim. But even Verbatim comes in good and bad flavour. Since you didn't post a log so we can see witch type of disc you used please do so. You can find old logs via Help menu.
  17. It's not a limitation of ImgBurn current release. Most probably the enclosure is the culprit. ImgBurn knows USB 3.0 from - 16th June 2013 The changelog clearly states: Added: The effective USB connection speed (1.1, 2.0, 3.0) for USB devices to the initial device scan log entries.
  18. Why not? It's the same as ejecting the drive and replace the disc in the drive, the installer picks it up and continues the process.
  19. I remember when they announced the aquizition, they acquired the whole line of production and the technology from TY and prommissed to continue the line and produce the same dye as was produce by TY, so that line become CMC Pro Powered by TY Technology.
  20. I think it's worth to try it. I mean, when the device is rejected from the system there are some remains left that prevents the system to assign a new instance of that device in other place of the system of the same device that once was connected and the system is trying to match it back to the old connection but something isn't quite right in pairing it back. So, the clear of the ghosts it forces the system to re-recognize the device as it's a new one never connected so it assigns it correctly this time.
  21. @dbminter Did you tried to remove the device from the system insted of restart to see if it works without the restart thing? Can you try one of these methods? I'm curious if it works. I did the manual thing in the Device Manager for an external Hard Drive that was not recognized in any USB port for unknown reason (probably drive letter assign missmatch) and worked. https://www.raymond.cc/blog/uninstall-hidden-devices-calling-ghostbuster/
  22. I'm not an expert in this field. I'm using ESET. Google should help you find more info.
  23. Your antivirus should be doing its job if it's a decent one.
  24. Don't bother with the manager if you can get the file directly.
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