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    Happy Birthday polo!!!!!
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    i already copied it and sent it to her..she's 14
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    that card looks like a good choice.. i was going to ask about Mandriva..is it the same as Mandrake? i played around with Mandrake a few years ago and had it runnig well..i just didnt have the time to really mess with it..now that i dont work on the truck anymore i have more time at home so i can work with it more.
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    well it looks like im going to have to got to their forums to start reading on vid cards.. im off to bed to is 130 am here and i have work in the am.. night shamus if you find anything out let me know..
  6. Jerseyguy


    once i get it working well in the old tower box i have, i plan on getting this box so i can set it up with the rest of my tv system.
  7. Jerseyguy


    well i dont want to have to buy windows media edition i may go with myth tv.. i just priced the wintv pvr 350 for you link god thats a high price over there here its link but i just started working on it so i get most of what i hear from that site..
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    from the looks of it not much..but from the spec sheet for yours link yours dont have a modem or any way to get program updates..so its kind of like a vcr it will tape a show but it dont know if the show is a repeat or if its the right show. the pvr like my tivo will record what i tell it and it will skip it or not record if the show is not on that night. i like my tivo but i dont like paying for the program to keep it running so im gonna build my own..on that site they have some programs that are free that do the same as a tivo.
  9. Jerseyguy


    http://www.byopvr.com/ seem the only thing you might need is a vid card..
  10. Jerseyguy

    New Movie...

  11. Jerseyguy


    why not build a PVR(tivo) with one.. im in the middle of doing one myself with a old machine i have just to see if it works.
  12. Jerseyguy

    What Does a Kiss Taste Like?

  13. Jerseyguy


    looks like its time for some skeet shooting!!
  14. Jerseyguy


    what he say?
  15. Jerseyguy

    Help with TiVo

    http://prish.com/etivo/tbr.htm http://www.zatznotfunny.com/ttg.htm#freempg too places to read up at... but it might be a lot faster just to buy another tivo for what you want to do... the one program takes away the tivo protection..and leaves it as a wav file..then you have to convert it to a vob file..i used nerovision express...took almoet 3 hours to do a 2 hour movie.. hope it helps.. time wise.. 2 hours plus to transfer from tivo to computer..10 min to take away protection..2 to 3 hours to convert it to vob..burn time? quality of end result...watchable but not great..
  16. Jerseyguy

    best new anti malware

    wow ran adaware and spybot both clean...ran this and it found 299 things..a lot of cookies..and 1 bug.. great find!
  17. Jerseyguy

    Woman marries dolphin!

    oh my....
  18. Jerseyguy

    Windows won't load properly

    you were in the start up section of msconfig right? i just looked in mine and there is nothing there that would kill a o/s... just wondering what you did is all...
  19. Jerseyguy

    Windows won't load properly

    ok i just had the same problem with my kids system...i didnt kill it she did... i didnt type this but its what i did to get her system to run again...and it did work. good luck restart the Computer to the Recovery Console To restart the system so that it boots to the Recovery Console, perform the following steps: 1. Insert the Windows XP CD. 2. Configure the computer to boot from the CD drive. The prompt Press any key to boot from CD... appears. 3. Press the space bar. The system will start the Windows XP setup process and at the bottom of the screen the following prompt briefly appears: Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver? The Welcome to Setup screen appears. 4. If Windows XP does not natively support the hard drive controller that is in the system, press the <F6> key and proceed. NOTE NOTE: Windows XP supports most hard drive controllers natively. If yours is supported, skip to step 6. 5. If you pressed the <F6> key in the last step, press the <S> key when prompted and then load the appropriate driver off the floppy disk with the hard drive controller driver. The Welcome to Setup screen appears. 6. Press the <R> key. The Recovery Console starts and presents a numbered list of Windows installations that it detected on the hard drive. On most systems there will be just one choice. 7. Press the number corresponding to the installation you are troubleshooting and then press the <Enter> key. 8. Type the administrator password to log onto the installation. If there is no administrator password, press the <Enter> key. The Recovery Console command prompt appears. Run the CHKDSK /R command To run the CHKDSK /R command, perform the following steps: 1. Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD drive. 2. Boot the system from the CD drive. The prompt Press any key to boot from CD... appears. 3. Press the space bar. The Welcome to Setup dialog box appears. 4. Press the <R> key to repair Windows by using the Recovery Console. 5. Select the number that is associated with the Windows installation you want to log on to, then type the administrator password (or press press the <Enter> key if no administrator password exists). 6. From Recovery Console, type the following command: CHKDSK /R 7. Press the <Enter> key. 8. From the Recovery Console, type the following command: exit 9. Press the <Enter> key to restart your computer. 10. If the system still will not boot to the hard drive, attempt to run the CHKDSK /R command again. Depending on the corruption on the hard drive, it may take several tries to achieve a complete repair.
  20. Jerseyguy

    Shamus McFartfinger

    a little late..but HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  21. Jerseyguy


    trifecta... my first car was a 67 Buick Wildcat god what a fun car..i wish i still had it... like this one only difference was mine was dark green..
  22. Jerseyguy

    Department Store 'Mannequin Rape' Hits All Time High

    I wonder how they explain the slivers? guess we will have to wait for Kirk to get back from shopping to find out....
  23. Jerseyguy

    Department Store 'Mannequin Rape' Hits All Time High

    could be kirk1701's doing.... making JR jealous?
  24. Jerseyguy

    Rocky Balboa

    very well done dontasciime
  25. Jerseyguy

    Wilma Grows to Category 2 in Caribbean

    just the mention of it will make the gas prices go up ..just when they fell back to 2.50 a gallon..

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