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  1. Well, now, what brought that on?
  2. After re-reading this thread again, I believe porn should be freed to! Richard B. Porn has been imprisoned for far too long on trumped up charges! Let Dick go free!
  3. dbminter

    PTP vs. OTP

    I never thought of it until just now. What exactly is PTP and OTP? I can understand what it means for 2 layered discs. With parallel, I'd guess is that one layer is read spinning the disc in one direction and at layer change, the 2nd layer is read without changing the rotational direction orf the disc. With opposite, at layer change, the disc spins in the opposite direction that it was rotating when Layer 0 was being read. Is that right? If it is, and even if it isn't how does it apply to single layer discs, if it does? Wouldn't all single layer discs be PTP by basic definition of physics? So, I'm guessing there is no such thing as an OTP DVD-5. Please help/correct me as needed/desired. Thanks!
  4. Sony's going to end up shooting itself in the foot. They've already started a huge wash against them over the revelation their protected CD's were installing rootkits. Then, of course, the installed rootkits were targeted by trojans to use their cloaking abilities to install themselves. Then, their rootkit got labeled as malware at worst, spyware at best, by many vendors. This idea for the PS3 will just mean a bigger market for mod chips. Which leads me to a new revelation... it is my belief that, more and more, that mod chips, certain types of software, etc. are actually MADE by the companies that are suing some such products. e.g. Sony actually makes more money when one installs a mod chip to play an import game only available in a foreign country. But, not ALL mod chips and not all mod chip sellers are targeted by Sony for lawsuits, etc. Why? There can only be one answer: the ones they go after AREN'T the ones secretly made by Sony. My conspiracy theory for the day.
  5. OMG! I once knew someone like this! In fact, on a 2nd look... he even had a similar looking . Almost black, save for the white paws. :&
  6. About the best way I can think of is to load the IFO files in IFOEdit and look for the Layer Break entry. Then, preview it and load that segment of the DVD in a DVD player standalone and see if there's the tell tale pause. Since the LB will most likely be within the movie itself, you can start right off with the movie's IFO file. Of course, the more IFO files there are, the longer it will take, so, it can be a very quick, or a very long, method.
  7. With ImgBurn, as the name implies, you must have an image to burn. It is possible to burn data to a DVD in real time, but, it is not within the scope of ImgBurn to do that. Plus, it's highly discouraged. Write to images first.
  8. ISO's aren't read only unless you set the +R attribute to the file. ISO, like any other file, can be written to. UltraISO will inject files into ISO files.
  9. It's also the origin of the urban legend of licking toads to get a high. 1.) it has to be certain kinds of toads 2.) you can't just lick the poison as that's a sure way to get sick. But, the poison can be a hallucinogen when applied properly.
  10. Oh, man, I completely spaced on the fact that these were movie images. Anyway, I'm taking from the fact that you said you spent $50, that you're writing these images to discs before testing them. Either use rewritables or just test the images straight from the hard drive first. Or, was that $50 for this software you mentioned? And, merging two movie ISO's would work, but, you'd have something that doesn't play in a DVD player. Depending on what you want to do, e.g. if you just want the movie, copy the two movie streams into Nero Recode, which should handle making its own layer break. Or DVDReMake which has some functions for merging two movies together with a rudimentary menu system.
  11. Unfortunately, the sad fact is AV scanners, like spyware scanners, will all miss something another finds. It's because there is no standardization over what is defined as a virus/spyware/etc. Each of the companies, of course, wants you to use their software over another. So, each uses their own "houses" to define their AV definitions that get sent to your software to tell what is a virus and what isn't. In some cases, nearly total non-threats are marked as viruses, etc. to appear that they are "better" than the competition by simple superior numbers. And, of course, there are those who just don't know what the fuck they're doing, like Symantec.
  12. Re: Cane toads short subject referenced in previous post Can someone explain what "shot gun a tinny" (That's what I heard, anyway.) means? And, is there a brand of lawmower called a Victa, or did they create it just for the short?
  13. In theory, it might be possible to inject the 2nd ISO file into the first, with UltraISO, and then be able to mount the ISO from the ISO. However, I do not recommend trying this. Alcohol, when I tried it once, just went berserk, and I had to restart Windows. You're better off extracting the 2nd ISO's contents, as recommended, and creating a new first ISO. Although you might be able to just inject the extracted files into the 1st.
  14. Thunder stealer! I was waiting for his reply and going to say the same thing IF it was. Anyway, yes, I was going to say the same thing. The film now sounds like Day Of The Triffids, a 1960's joint British and American version. All the scenes in the lighthouse were added later because the script was too short. They were directed by Freddie Francis, uncredited, and hastily writte by the film's uncredited writer, Bernard Gordon, who had to go credited under someone else's name due to being blacklisted in Hollywood during the McCarthy era. The brains on spines are not brains on spines that coil and kill people but are flesh eating plants that sting people. In England, the film was also known as Invasion Of The Triffids and Revolt Of The Triffids. The movie ends with the new idea that salt water kills Triffids, as discovered at the lighthouse at the end of the movie. The BBC TV mini-series ends like the novel. BTW, Day Of The Triffids was the very first movie I ever owned. A VHS I got at a K-Mart in 1985 for $9.95. Back BEFORE I even HAD VHS! I would have to get a player from the public library to see it. Even though I converted it to DVD, I still have my VHS for centimental reasons. As well as legal. Be warned: a proper DVD release does not exist. The Allied Artist "official" release is a terrible, muddy VHS to DVD transfer. Thus far, the best release is a cheap, unauthorized one from Cheezy Flicks. BUT, they give you Princo DVD-R's, so, be sure to properly "protect" them. You can check out IMDB under alternate versions, because, I KNOW I entered those two notes there myself! Now, it is also possible this film could be a Peter Cushing movie called Island Of Terror. aka Night Of The Silicates, The Creepers, The Night The Creatures Came, and The Night The Silicates Came. It takes place on a small island where creatures called Silicated that feed on human bone marrow are running amok. They make the most unusual scratching sounds that betray their presence. They have developed a taste for radiation, too.
  15. Wait a minute... meteorite shower that blinds most of the population of the Earth? And, it ends in a lighthouse, where it is discovered that salt water kills them?
  16. OMG! I forgot about that! I put that up there on IMDB, I'm sure!
  17. Oh, I think this can be arranged. Well, at least something like it.
  18. My local library's copy of the DVD was in on Thursday. Be sure to check the disc label with DiscInfo, etc. for a nice surprise.
  19. Well, apparently, I am your mighty force! For I am a hero! That rare breed that sacrifices of himself so that others may live in freedom and... oh, to Hell with that! I do it for the fame and the adulation of the masses!
  20. Received this piece of Spam. Emil, infovfab@indbrake.com, wrote to sing my praises. Subject: You're a superhero! After stroking my ego and setting off the alarm bells in more ways than one, I expected the poorly spelled come on, and got it: Just be cool! Simply try CjALjjS Sofftta6s They works in 15 mins Leaarn more Be the best, guaraanteed! Package will be shippeed same day However, the random string of text that, for whatever reason Spammers feel they MUST end their pitches with, followed got me to thinking: Never think that Jesus commanded a trifle, nor dare to trifle with anything He has commanded. If you have confidence you have patience. Confidence, that is everything. Okay, now, I should not dare to trifle with anything he has commanded. He is part of the Holy Trinity, which God is a part of, and God commanded Adam, and through him, me, to be fruitful and multiply. That means I should not trifle with my sex life in any way. Which means, by my own religious convictions, I cannot in good religious conscience take Cialis. I must have confidence, and with that patience. And, through my confidence and patience in Jesus, I will have my boners without Cialis, thank you very much. Should I write them back and tell them that?
  21. In reply directly to the subject "Am I a bad person?" Are you a bad person? Yes, you are a bad person! You disgust me! You failed to terminate the Autobots!
  22. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    Anyone ever play that Rambo game for the NES? I did... I even owned it! Funny how for such a violent subject, Rambo, strangely, extracts his revenge at the end of the game by using his flaming arrows to launch Japanese text at the man who sent on his mission. It turns him into a frog. Or played Rambo III in the arcades? I never could finish the final stage, though. It's just as preposterous as the movies: a dozen tanks, jeeps, helicopters, motorcycles, jets, and foot soldiers all have to be dispatched in one life.
  23. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    For those who are old enough to remember it's kind of hard to imagine it, but, it's true! There was a Rambo cartoon series. Even a line of action figures to go with it. I had 2 of them.
  24. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    Coming soon to a theater near you! RAMBO IV: RAMBO KILLS EVERYBODY! See Rambo shoot your best friends. See him kill YOU! See him slaughter everyone in the whole world without having to reload his machine gun once! RAMBO IV: RAMBO KILLS EVERYBODY! Rated PG.
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