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  1. Happy birthday, old man Thanks for your continued support and development of a great product
  2. Well, whatever you thought of the final episode (it was a bit patchy IMO) it was an outstanding success with the public. It had the highest ratings of the week (10.57 million viewers) and an Appreciation Index of 91. Minority programmes often get high AI indexes, but to get a rating of 91 with 10.57 million viewers is unheard of.
  3. Yes, the second part is very good too. I see that sci fi has allocated a 90 minute slot to Journey's End (which is 65 minutes) so it won't be cut at all!
  4. Yes, we get all the crap types of TV shows here - Judge Judy is on quite often unfortunately... Anyway, back to more quality TV... I don't think new Who gets too bogged down with continuity. But apparently there are loads of references to both classic Who and early new Who in the finale, so I expect we'll find out how and why Davros survived. Personally I can't wait! And the second part of the finale is 60 minutes, rather than 45, so sci fi will have to allocate a bigger timeslot to it. Or cut it to shreads... But, of course, you'll be seeing the finale episodes uncut and without ads!
  5. You're in for a treat, db. Turn left was great. And the finale looks amazing. And the Great Healer is back! Here's the latest trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be4_WuPSxZc&fmt=18
  6. Whereas I found the episode to be a bit light and fluffy, I thought Donna was much less irritating than I was expecting. Plus it was a genuine shock to see you-know-who near the end.
  7. The Sarah Jane Adventures is great. It's meant for kids, but I loved it. In fact the Doctor Who new season opener felt a lot like a Sarah Jane adventure. And that's about when it started getting good. Blame The Apprentice for the timeslot being changed.
  8. For those that don't know, the new series of Doctor Who starts on 5th April on the BBC, and on 18th April on the US Sci fi channel. The Daleks, the Ood and Rose are back!
  9. As well as AVG at home, I scanned with McAfee in work. Both were fine.
  10. I stole a Vista font (Segoe) and it looks fine with ClearType on.
  11. Happy birthday, db. Hope you have a good day !
  12. DVD-lab will only author MPEG files, so the conversion (if any) must have been done with an MPEG encoder. It looks as though the authoring failed for some reason. Check the DVD-lab log or report to see if it gives a clue as to what went wrong.
  13. With DKLang Translation Editor, if you open both the new .dklang file (as source file), plus your latest .lng file (as existing translation file), it will recognise which are the new strings and add them to your .lng file ready for translation.
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