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    Rocky Balboa

    I saw Rocky V in theaters because Burgess Meredith was in it. (The film was nationally released in the US on his birthday that year, too, BTW.) Now that Burgess is dead, I don't think he'll be in it.
  2. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    Yes, The Party At Kitty And Studs was Stallone's first movie, was a hardcore porno flick, but was not immediately released. After Stallone became a star, it was heavily re-edited into a less than 60 minute piece of nonsense (In one scene, a mastiff appears and then disappears for no apparent reason because the scenes about the dog had to be edited out. Now, WHY they had to edit out the dog... ) and finally released as The Italian Stallion. For all of this, Stallone received $200. But, there were fringe benefits.
  3. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    Oh, also, it seems that Rambo IV has also been given pre-production approval now...
  4. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    In your list of movie puns was this a reference to "The Party At Kitty And Stud's" or just calling him his Rocky nickname?
  5. Several times since 2002. Most recently was a request for Beam Me Up, Scotty by Terry McGovern after James Doohan died.
  6. It's much better when heard spoken. The accent really sets it off. Especially the line "You've scandalized me mother!" It usually gets an airplay on the Dr. Demento Show's annual 4 weeks of Christmas in December. I know it got played the last 2 years. I requested it last year.
  7. Well, you can keep it on your TV. I prefer it in my bedroom. "Well, I object to all this sex on the television. I mean, I keep falling off!" THAT JOKE WAS BRITAIN'S ENTRY FOR THE RUBBER MAC OF ZURICH AWARD. IT CAME LAST.
  8. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    Well, that's a bit harsh to lay on the doorstep of the first film. Especially from a first time writer and director, Rocky is an outstanding picture. Stallone, yes, should not have acted in the picture. But, otherwise, a very entertaining and highly creative, in terms of the same type of picture that had gone before, approach to a boxing film: go for a realistic approach. Even the first sequel was a good film as far as sequels go. It's only real problem is the predictable ending, one of the highlights that the first film avoided. In many ways, the sequel betters its original, but, definitely not in the ending department. Starting with Rocky III, though... sheesh! First Blood, aka Rambo 1, is another strange example. The first film is well done, far better than you'd expect from its type of movie. Goes above the stereotypes you'd believe coming from the movie, given that it uses the subject of those same stereotypes of the time, e.g. disgruntled Vietnam vet comes home and loses his marbles. And, the film is saved from Stallone's acting once again by being buoyed with performances from entirely capable actors. And, that's probably why Rambo II failed, and Rambo III would fail because it builds off that formula. By Rambo II, the entire film focus, even its title, is entirely on Rambo, thus, Stallone has to carry the film. And, he shouldn't.
  9. Well, now, I'm just tossed! I can't figure out British censors at all! Discovered my library had some of the A&E Hammer House Of Horrors TV shows on video tape. Made by Hammer in 1980... and in the first episode tape, I see bare arse, nekkid boobs, and the woman's de-clothed teats fondled! So, apparently, TV is far more liberal? Granted, it was 30 years after some of the Hammer movies I mentioned, but, here was actual nudity on TV... and yet the film censors were worried about the sound level of screams or the equation of murder and sex implied by a prostitute strangled by a cannibal?
  10. Well, I admit I'm not a master of Scottish colloquialisms but I believe the most "offensive" thing on the whole page is the phrase "Dear manure-face!" Oh, and the word Hell does appear.
  11. Don't worry. You've still got 39 left. Of course, most of us now are using 80!
  12. Well, why not try an alternative to the classics? Christmas Countdown by Frank Kelly. Lyrics: http://www.msgr.ca/msgr-2/christmas_countdown.htm
  13. I didn't say it but I meant to say that by a bent pin, the pin was bent and was NOT connected. The formats would still complete even with the pin not connected at all. I then later straightened it out and reconnected it, i.e. didn't have a bent pin straightened and connected the whole time. I was actually surprised the pin hadn't been snapped completely off.
  14. So, instead, they introduced 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  15. Had second thoughts. Decided better to change this post. Too late for the e-mails, though.
  16. Yeah, it's extremely rare when there's a complain of a DVD recordable disc that plays on standalone but NOT PC. 99% of the time, it's always the other way around.
  17. Wouldn't fake 1923 currency have netted more money on the collector's market than trying to spend it?
  18. dbminter

    Rocky Balboa

    So, are they tipping the big secret for Rocky VI? That Adrian dies? Because, she was NOT written in the script for Rocky V as passing away at all. In fact, a character who HAD passed away actually MAKES an appearance in Rocky V. Come on, everyone knows it's Paulie who must die. The actor's getting too old to play the part and there aren't that many characters that Stallone can still axe off and have it 1.) impact the audience and 2.) not completely destroy the script. After Paulie, it will be that black bald guy who was Apollo's manager and then stepped into Mickey's shoes after the big 'fro bit the dust. Then... I dunno? The robot from III and IV? Drago?
  19. Looks more like an ITC version of Automan.
  20. You never know how those bent pins will behave. I once, as it turned out, had a bent pin on a floppy drive's interface. The drive worked just fine... except formatting would always fail with an error message, BUT, disks were formatted just fine. It would reach 99% and say it failed. I discovered the pin bent on the floppy interface, straightened it out as best I could, did my best to insert the cable back so as not to bend the pin, and formats resumed completing at 100% with no errors.
  21. After playing around with DVD Identifer, DVDInfo, CD-DVD Speed, and InfoTool, I have the same conclusion. That the ID's are not stored in the same way as on DVD. That these apps translate something into human English, as opposed to DVD's which have an alhpanumeric string. Which was probably designed to confuse people in the first place into not knowing what they were getting.
  22. Funny enough, many of the BBFC rejections to Hammer were ignored by the MPAA, or its equivalent depending on the time frame, BECAUSE their horror films were slotted for summer releases. They were targeted equally at kids. Strangely, especially given the time, America wasn't worried about the "sex" implied in the Hammer horror films (Curse Of The Werewolf was consistently warned by BBFC that they did not want it become a sex and horror film, even though there was NO sex in it at all. Uptight!) as they were worried about religious imagery. e.g. the recommendations to remove taking god's name in vain, etc.
  23. That's because everyone in Sweden has sex changes, of course.
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