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  1. crockettmann

    ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 Released!

    Thanks again, LUK! Your hard work is, as always, greatly appreciated. You are the BEST!!!
  2. crockettmann

    ImgBurn v2.4.0.0 Released!

    Thank you again, LUK, and to the beta team. You are a great group and very appreciated
  3. crockettmann

    Self-cooling Beer

    Ray Bolger was the scarecrow in Oz. And as to the freezing temp of beer, I personally did almost 30 years of research before my addictive personality got the best of me. In the lands where it gets rather chilly on a regular basis, we've found that you can leave a beer in roughly -10 Farenheit for hours and open it, take the first big drink (think "brain freeze"), and the beverage will still be in liquid form, allowing you to finish it at a leisurely rate. BUT, if you hesitate too long, it will slush up and expand, pushing slush out of the top of the can. True, it is not the recommended temp at which to enjoy a "cold one", but it works for the desperate alcoholic.
  4. crockettmann

    Win XP Start Menu All Programs setting?

    The 16 Bit subsystem is an easy fix, db (a corrupt registry file). I fixed mine with a quick patch here, but I realize that you are the adventurous type, so here is more info
  5. crockettmann

    ImgBurn v1.3.0.0 Released!

    Thank you very much, LUK! and of course to the Beta team members for all of the hard work
  6. crockettmann


  7. crockettmann

    NEC ND-3550-A OEM

    In regards to the meritline isssue, it is true that you have to watch out for the shipping costs, but they also have a "free shipping zone". I have recently been getting 100 TY-G03's for $36.99 with shipping included, so I'm not complaing, as this is only slightly more than I was paying for RITEK-G05's.
  8. crockettmann


  9. crockettmann

    No sound

    Thanks, dirio49, I'll give it a try. And thanks again to Shamus for another good find
  10. crockettmann

    No sound

    Looks good, Shamus, but just curious-- I normally use Power DVD and I have Musicmatch Plus for my audio. I almost installed K-Lite just a moment ago, but the "BE CAREFUL" warning in the install made me wonder. Is this meant to replace the other players, or will the codecs simply enhance them. I recently started having prob's viewing video files (except for Quicktime) and thought maybe my codecs were missing something.
  11. crockettmann

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    I'm pretty sure that nowadays using the term goddamn is no taboo on American TV, although sci-fi may have their own standards. Especially after all positive references to God are struck down by all of the bleeding heart liberals who want to change "One Nation Under God" to "Bring your own practices here, and feel free to take control" (rant off) I think the "gods damn" is just in keeping with the original Galactica series, where they also get (got) away with "FRACK" , even in the more conservative late '70's & early '80's.
  12. crockettmann

    PITA system

    From the info I have , the last BSOD said "13THINT" and the successful install said something about OOBE0023. I checked out OOBE and found out it was part of the MS install designed to help with unattended installs. I don't know where this applies in this situation. It was then that we tried to install windows 98 instead, and I'm not sure where that is at right now.
  13. crockettmann

    PITA system

    Not extremely new, corny, but have tried a couple of them too, the one that was in their pentium system then the one that just came out of my machine when I upgraded. The last mobo we tried was an ECS K7S5A ver. 3.1 (same as my mobo) with an athlon XP 1800 cpu. The psu was running my XP 2000 fine just a few weeks ago.
  14. crockettmann

    PITA system

    Wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before. Been having probs recovering from a crash on the kid's computer. Unidentified bug or system prob, not sure. Now, I'm no PC guru, just an advanced newbie with a pretty knowledgeable pc friend. The pc would almost boot, then hang. After several tries, it started to get the dreaded BSOD. My friend hooked the HD up to his system & scanned for viruses with AVG & found nothing. He tried to save the valuable files and probe into system use to find out what caused the problem. It all started about the time the following 2 things were downloaded: Bearshare and a bunch of emoticons. This is odd, because there were no administrative (download) priviledges available (XP pro). The result was that it slowed my friend's system down drastically. At this point, we figured reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows. The OS installs (takes the better part of a day), then just as it's finishing, BSOD. Here's where we got aggressive and started replacing hardware (long winded sequence of events available upon request): 3 different HD's 3 different mobo's 2 different CPU's 3 different sticks of RAM 2 different OS's (XP and '98) 0 partridges in a pear tree (gotta draw the line somewhere) Considering that we have tried disabling the caches during the install, has a virus ever been known to seek out and destroy or embed itself into every single piece of hardware on a machine? It seems like I get a humorous email about this kind of virus every 6 months or so, and I almost expect my dog to die next! We have now reached the point where the OS installs completely, but the desktop has no icons or start menu. The task manager is there (CTRL ALT DEL) and you can launch a prog, but it mostly just sits there. I know there are other forums out there, but this is the only one that really gets me the best results. You're a great bunch, and I always appreciate your time & input.
  15. crockettmann


    Just answer the door in your shorts, scratching your nuts & holding a beer, polo. They'll quit coming around Throw in a belch, offer them a drink, you know. This has really proven to work in the past.

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