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  1. G5_MYM

    Happy Birthday Cornholio7!

    Damn, I always a day late and a dollar short. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Corny!!!! MYM
  2. G5_MYM

    It's the big four oh! G5MYM

    Thanks, I can't go to my family, they are not too fond of my wife. I can't have an impartial discussion of things with them about my life with her. She's been out of work for almost two years, I think that coupled with us being together nearly 24/7 during that time, other than when I had to go to work, has put a little strain on things, well that and having little to no money to get ahead causing money strains. I'm hoping that with her job she just started yesterday that the time apart will "refresh" the marriage and the money strains will start to shrink away now that there will be two paychecks once again. Anyway, thats it in a nutshell. MYM
  3. G5_MYM

    It's the big four oh! G5MYM

    Stay AWAY from the marriage pool. make sure you know WHO you are getting, the true person or a close bullshit facsimile that will change and become the opposite of what you fell for. :angry: I wont go into details yet, but suffice to say things arent rosy for me lately...... MYM
  4. G5_MYM

    It's the big four oh! G5MYM

    kin hell , this threads that old, Mike's 50 now HEHE, my eyesight must be going, I never saw this one before. hope the junk stays up like it should! Thanks for the the well wishes everyone... Mike
  5. G5_MYM

    Happy birthday Movie Junkie

    Happy Birthday guy! MYM
  6. G5_MYM

    Happy Birthday Shamus

    VERY belated Happy Birthday Shamus. Mike
  7. G5_MYM

    Happy Birthday G5_MYM !!!

    Thanks for the well wishes guys and gals, been super busy here preparing for the wedding come august 12th. I have found me a woman who just rocked my world from the get go. Things are hectic as all hell right now, I will post some pics for you all to see once it's all over and done with, I miss you guys, but hopefully you all know what it's like to find new love, all your attention is pointed at him/her. anyhoo, me and the missus are here going overthe last few details for the big day so I cant stay long. I thank you all again for the well wishes, I WILL be back once things here settle down. Mike
  8. G5_MYM

    Leptospirosis & Soda Cans

    I second that Shamus, I get a shitload of those kinds of things from friends, co-workers and relatives, I debunk it on Snopes and reply to all with the link for them to see it is BS. MYM
  9. G5_MYM

    Happy Birthday Jersey Guy

    damn im late lately, guess the little woman keeps me occupied and busy. Happy Birthday JerseyGuy!! MYM
  10. G5_MYM

    G5 MYM

    sorry it took so long to reply, but everytime I logged in one of the kids or the fiancee needed something, then with the renovations going on here there is little time to do more than breathe. I thank all of you for the kind wishes, you all were there for me when my divorce came about and helped me thru it all with words of hope and comfort. I now will share the high I am living after meeting the woman i wished i had met all those years ago. Yes, august 12th is the date, i will post photos of the day once i have some to, it is not to be a big ceremony, it is both of our second and last times doing this, it will be very casual and laidback, no pomp and circumstance, just something we want to do out of love instead of flash. all the kids will have a part in it, her oldest son will give her away, my oldest son will give me away, my daughter will be the flower girl, and her 2 younger sons will be ring bearers. it will be a day of celebration, much drinking and eating for the people we choose to share it with, family and friends alike. I will re-announce when the date gets closer. My family is now 7 people, 5 kids with her and i, the food bills alone are killer, i cant imagine when they are ALL teenagers, hehe. Any donations to the "keep the kids fed and Mike and Krissy out of the looney bin" fund are welcome and accepted, hehe... Mike
  11. G5_MYM


    Happy Birthday bud.. mike
  12. G5_MYM


    yeah, but I havent been paying him much attention lately so he's fired up and raring to go! MYM
  13. G5_MYM


    ok, who's got the celery? MYM
  14. G5_MYM

    Successful burn won't play

    No not bit set the player, but the disc itself. Also perhaps the movie in question is PAL and not NTSC? just something to think about. MYM
  15. G5_MYM

    Shamus McFartfinger

    Sorry bud, been kinda busy in the love-life lately and hadn't noticed your birthday. happy birthday bud, many more in store. Mike
  16. G5_MYM

    A picture of lfcrule1972

    it's a keg!
  17. G5_MYM

    No pre-owned games to be allowed for Playstation 3?

    Does this mean they have ALREADY done it to the millions of games already sold here and abroad? or have they just sown the seed of it up till now and have always had the tech, just never the "excuse" to use it till now? I dont get how this can work unless it has already been in place and waiting to be launched. Plus, if they can circumvent their previous CD copy protection with a magic marker, what kind of shit will this be? MYM
  18. G5_MYM

    Oh, well, THIS is great!

    Hmm, seems the culprits left pieces of celery and wombat droppings at the scene. MYM
  19. G5_MYM


  20. G5_MYM

    Its great to be back.......

    Anyone let blackwidow know the place is open for business? I'll send an email once I get on the main PC, I'm on the laptop now. MYM
  21. G5_MYM

    Its great to be back.......

    Hey hey, glad to see you're ok Boss. Mike

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