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  1. Snazz

    Walkman Mobile

    Interesting on the firmware issue.
  2. Snazz

    Virus killers

    Just ran BitDefender on my PC, and apart from some bits of Java things, I'm quite happy to report AVG and ZoneAlarm Security suit seem to be doing the job.
  3. Snazz


    Agree that onboard video can be almost useless, but I have onboard audio, and it's way good enough for me.
  4. Snazz

    Walkman Mobile

    And now the smilies are working. something's playing silly buggers.
  5. Snazz

    Walkman Mobile

    Cheers guys. Lightning, you're totally correct about the MP3 players battery life, so ditto the phone battery. Best thing I can do, is go to the shop and have a luck I think. PS. Why are all the smilies displaying links instead of the smilies ?
  6. Snazz

    Happy Xmas

    Sorry, I have hardly been on here since we moved, and I bought that damn game World of Warcraft, but between me and the missus the computer is now totally tied up all the time playing the damn thing. So I'd just like to wish you all season greetings and I still have a little read every now and then, even if I don't actually say much. Seems also that my precsious Traxdata disk are not what they once were, so I'll be look at something better for my next disks. To be honest I don't use that many these days, so I may go for the best avaialble. How did any of you get on with the Coloured TY disks? Someone give me a nod in the right direction for some quality disks please. Catch you all later...
  7. Snazz

    Holographic Discs....

    This has been in the pipeline for 10 years at least. It was always coming out, just a matter of when. Thin CRT has been in the pipeline about as long, but they are far and few between, as is mobile phones with DAB radio.
  8. Snazz

    Happy Xmas

    The problem with Verb's is that CMC has also been known to make then, and I have indeed purchased some myself, so I don't buy them anymore. Maybe good sites like SVP who put manufacturer on will help me if I get stung with them again. Or just simply avoid anything to do with cmc.
  9. Snazz

    Seagate buys Maxtor!

    Western Digital did loose it for a short while, but I think they are back in the best ones again.
  10. Snazz

    Happy Xmas

    Thanks dude. :-)
  11. Snazz

    Seagate buys Maxtor!

    I've come full circle and only buy WDC drives now. I was Buying IBM's but they are totally utterly useless
  12. Snazz

    A picture of lfcrule1972

    Fuck me, how much weight have you lost since I last saw you? You look fooking ill mate. Better get to the doc's.
  13. Snazz


    Sorry I missed it. :-( HB dude :-)
  14. Snazz

    Wilma Grows to Category 2 in Caribbean

    Last big one I heared about was 300 miles wide, is that possible? Could it do damage in a 300 mile wide radious?
  15. Snazz

    How does anyone in Britain see ANY movies at all?

    The BBC were no better with giving records air play bans. Desdemona by Johns Children was band from radio, as it contained the line. " lift up your skirt and fly." A bit checky maybe, but a ban!
  16. Snazz

    Fly in my Coke!

    People really hate spiders, but for me spiders eat and catch flys, so the spider wins everytime for me. I never kill spiders, but fly always die near me.
  17. Snazz

    Gameboy Advanced

    Cheers. I'll go check one out in the shops i think.
  18. Snazz

    Gameboy Advanced

    My child is after a Gameboy advanced, so im after some info. Is it built in special battery? how long does the battery last whilst playing a game. I have seen some multi game carts, do you have to have a customised GBA to be able to use them. Tnx dude.
  19. Snazz

    MP3 Editor

    OK, I have started another thread for this, as it might get better attention. I am looking for a free MP3 editor, like the ones you get to edit chucks of sounds out of wavs. I have found a few things that will do what I need, but they are limited until you pay for them. Seeing as I only intend to use it for a day or so, paying for it would be daft. Easy Audio edit 7.3 looked and edited brilliantly, but can't save my edits 'cos it wants a serial. Boo hoo. Any ideas please.
  20. Snazz

    World of Warcraft - Virtual Plague

    Something like that, could only be classed a a virus surely.
  21. Snazz

    MP3 Editor

    OK, painc over. Nero wav edit will do what I need. It's only to chop stuff up for ring tones on my mobile, so a slight quality loss won't be noticed at all. Cheers dudes.
  22. Snazz

    MP3 Editor

    Nero. LOL, never thought about it. But im editing a few mp3s not wavs, ill look later.
  23. Snazz


    Another idea, might be to get an MP3 editor, like what you do with wavs. Is this possible ? I'll have a look later, but if someone knows better let me know.
  24. Snazz


    Ok, I have no knowledge of infra red devices or bluetooth, but I have a new bluetooth phone arriving, and I was wonder. If I connect one of these USB Bluetooth adapter in my computer, that give my computer Bluetooth capabilities and I then turn on the blue tooth on the mobile, how do I send things to the phone from the computer? I assume I don?t get a drive letter from just putting the device in the computer. Does someone know how this would work please?
  25. Snazz


    Not been through all the instructions yet, but it does have some kind of card in. I am as yet to find it. LOL

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