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    or Pgcedit with mkisofs included in img tool classic
  2. dirio49

    Build simple UDF/ISO file system ISOs?

    Great I think it will be worth the wait. Thanks.
  3. Check here, it will be fixed in the next version,( a windows caching problem) http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...t=0entry11623
  4. dirio49

    Constant Buffer Underruns with

    maybe you can put an option for us to choose the transfer rate.
  5. dirio49

    help new and confused

    Imgburn does not copy dvds. I just burns them, and you need an image in order to use it. And a dvd-burner
  6. dirio49

    Blu-ray Set to Launch

  7. dirio49

    Possible RAM-Leak with

    It will be fixed
  8. dirio49

    another riddle

  9. dirio49

    A Riddle

  10. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    the Image is less than 2 megs.
  11. dirio49


  12. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    LUK. It's all good. the log i'm showing is from the verify mode, and the image mounted is not the same as in the log being compared. for example i mounted the .mds and verified it with the .iso. . So there is not way to know from the log. Peace P.S. I hope no harm done.
  13. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    You are right. Deamon tools 4.03 actually .MDS=DVD-ROM and .ISO=CD-ROM. thanks for the clarification.
  14. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    they are both the same image( 200 mb (about)) one mounted in .iso file and one by the .mds( cretad by imgburn) i guest deamon tools thinks the .mds is a dvd?
  15. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    LUK I 18:24:30 Source Device: [2:0:0] MC3588R QED521H 1.0 (Z:) (SCSI)I 18:24:30 Source Media Type: DVD-ROM I 18:24:30 Image File: C:\Documents and Settings\....\My Documents\.....iso I 18:24:30 Image File Sectors: 106,221 (MODE1/2048) I 18:24:30 Image File Size: 217,540,608 bytes I 18:24:30 Image File Application Identifier: NERO BURNING ROM I 18:24:30 Verifying Sectors... I 18:25:15 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:44 I 18:25:15 Average Verify Rate: 4,828 KB/s (3.5x) - Maximum Verify Rate: 31,074 KB/s (22.4x)
  16. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    Now this i call fast, Mounted with deamon tools.
  17. dirio49

    Strange Verify

    That nothing with I tried to verify an mounted image and i got 145.?? x (22-23 megs per second) but when i run it the second time it went to about 40. but 145, that is huge no?
  18. dirio49

    Curb Your Enthusiam Season 4 Disc 2

    just found this wierd, it says found a DVD-R drive. and the disk is DVD+R. Maybe your drive does not like dvd+r disks. BTW did you in anyway crossflash this drive? from DVD+RW to DVD+-RW. if yes maybe this is the problem.
  19. dirio49

    Unable to use Img Burn

  20. dirio49

    A Male Blonde Joke

  21. dirio49

    Joke......sort of

  22. dirio49

    ImgBurn v1.2.0.0 Released!

    thanks. LUK
  23. dirio49

    Choose Mode for burning a DVD DL

    this MDS created here has not layer break info, it just put the path of the iso file.
  24. dirio49

    Choose Mode for burning a DVD DL

    i would say, create an image with pgcedit, because dvdshrink removes the layer break info and does not care about layer break. but notice pgcedit will create otp layer track i believe. best of luck
  25. dirio49

    The image burned on the media tests

    Just wondering what are you people burining in those disks? it would be a sad thing if you are just burning the same image over and over again, but better if you are burning your data backup or somethink else? Hey just curious!!! Thank for the test either way.

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