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  1. Hooray for L_UK! and his team! Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Well, it isn't that difficult to understand, PIE shouldn't exceed a value of 280, PIF's shouldn't exceed 4 per block. Beta and Jitter values should be stable (-5,0% ~ +10%) in order to avoid a skipping and freezing disc. You are sure that you had a Ricoh dye as a Ritek labeled media? Well, I don't buy Ritek, but this sounds unusual to me since both are competitors and share the same markets. Anyways as long as it works out for you there is no need to discuss about media dyes. I am sorry to hear that, I never had such a problem and I flashed my drive pretty often. I guess you haven't flashed with a disc inside or with AnyDVD active (the latter shouldn't be a problem)? That might happen pretty often when you're flashing in a hurry or something like this. Your drive is still recognized in BIOS/Windows? Does it still support CD-Rs? Which media type are you using? Maybe its write strategy got replaced by another one? What you could try as one of the last options is using Binflash to dump the old firmware and flash a new binary file. Use this tool with care, but if the drive is really dead there is not that much left to loose, unfortunately. If you can't log-in at cdfreaks and would like to seek assistance without a new registration, simply use BugMeNot. A useful resource for different tasks. I hope you get your drive working again.
  3. No, NOT Ritek! I was referring to RICOH JPN-R02-03 (8x) media. I don't know how Riteks will perform with 2.TG but since the 3500 is a great drive I wouldn't be surprised if Riteks will go well too, although I just don't trust that dye in the long turn. Edit: If you take media scans serious - which I don't - you might check this thread on cdfreaks.com for some scanning results.
  4. I am running 2.TG for months now and it's running good with Ricoh 8x @ 16x and TY 8x @ 12x. As you might know (I am sure you do), it all depends on the media you are using, but 2.TG is definitely recommended on my end.
  5. Ok, didn't knew that. Thanks! That's a good reason. The easiest way to get this dll working would be just to install the trial of CloneDVD as Shamus_McSmartfinger has also confirmed that it won't expire. I hope you get it working.
  6. No, AFAIK the dll is not available as a seperate download. But you can install the latest CloneDVD and use the dll provided by it. AFAIK its usage is not affected by the trial-period limitation. But why do you prefer this I/O over the default SPTI when you have no recent Elby/Slysoft software installed? LUK! told me once that SPTI passes most of his and his teams tests and should work without a problem. I wouldn't worry too much about it, although I can understand that you want to use it, as I am using it as well.
  7. I don't know if it is related to the old version, but the most recent version of elbycdio.dll is and works just fine. You may try to update the dll.
  8. I am sorry, I have never listened to that kind of music.
  9. No, that was him or most likely that guy.
  10. Yes, thanks for bringing that back to my mind, I did a quick search on google and wikipedia and I remembered that I heard from that some time ago. I need to fresh it up a little. Do I need to say hypocrites?
  11. Although the Enigma was a masterpiece for cyphering purposes, I would prefer to see some online amateurs cracking some Nazi bones. I wonder if CIA, NSA and all the other three-letter-agencies poo their pants, because in opposite to former times, everyone with a computer can decode anyones cyphered messages in about no time if it is "needed" for some reason. Sure, it gets very difficult and time consuming with high-bit cyphered content, but the hardware gets faster as well and in the end it's just an algorithm.
  12. Ffs, it's a skirt combined with some hot high heels and I love the way he dresses!
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