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Auto-shorten path names so name of iso is visible in queue


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On some systems and configurations the path to the ISOs to be burned can become quite long so it would be nice to have those filenames listed completely (maybe skipping the extension) rather than the path. Of course you can click on a file in the queue window to get the full name under "Information", still this might be too long as well, so shortening it would be useful. Please have a look at my modified queue window below.


I've also added an Eject Tray checkbox which would allow to change this behaviour on a per disc basis. Would be useful if I was to go down to lunch and keep the current disc in drive so my little sister wouldn't get a chance to lean on my open tray or use the disc as a frisbee. This checkbox setting would only be in use during the current queue (ejecting after a verify or write, if verify isn't selected) and on a new queue revert to the setting defined under options. Just an idea.



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The listview truncates long strings and puts '...' at the end of the line.

If you hover over it with the mouse, the tooltip displays the full string.

To change that behaviour i'd have to capture when the column header size changes and then basically make the listview custom draw, giving it my own modified text strings. I think that's a bit overkill to to be honest.


The line in the information box is also truncated (in the method you require) and the tooltip on that displays the full line.


Eject per queued item is an idea I guess.... but not high up on my priority list right now.


Also, what happened to all the other options in that dialog?! Or perhaps you're still running

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I think that's a bit overkill to to be honest.


I agree.


Or perhaps you're still running


Nope, I just planned to ask you about this already in the 1.1 days but I forgot and now I was too lazy to fabricate a new screenshot ;)


One thing I just noticed though: I've used ImgBurn 1.3 to change the UDF volume label of an ISO to


MFS 4.8: 22 & Specials


which when selected in the ImgBurn Queue window does appear under Information as


MFS 4.8: 22 _Specials


i.e. the ampersand has been replaced by an underscore. Selecting the very same ISO from Tools | Change Volume Label shows the correct label with ampersand. Any idea how come?

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