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  1. Agreed. A NEXT button that would cycle through all labels of ISOs in the queue would be awesome.
  2. I had a queue of 6 discs yesterday but had to skip 2 in the middle because I had to be elsewhere and only needed to take 1-3+6 with me. So when 4+5 were to be burned, I pressed SKIP and burned #6 instead. When finished however the queue showed all 6 ISOs as burnt instead of marking the 2 skipped as such.
  3. A buddy of mine is about to exchange harddisks in his media center (2 TB and counting) and also wants to switch to ISO instead of subdirs with VIDEO_TS in the process. He asked me for an easy way to do this and of course I suggested ImgBurn. However, since he backups as DVD-9 he would have to add the layer break manually each time the next image is processed which kinda blows the whole scripting idea. So how about a new setting /LAYERBREAK AUTO which would select the first excellent or very good position it finds and if neither are found skip adding one. This way one could convert tons of DVD video subdirs into ISOs completely unattended. Thanks.
  4. Since I don't play hacked games from mounted ISOs I'm perfectly happy with the Alcohol 52% Free Edition which can even mount ISOs via command-line/scripting. There's really no need for ImgBurn to become bloatware.
  5. Thanks for clearing up the splash screen issue, what about /LAYERBREAK AUTO then? I AM running it from an USB stick but for testing purposes I tried the parameters on my home PC first. Using imgburn /settings "C:\test.ini" without the 'save' did the trick. Thx!
  6. As usual I'm also a bit confused by this! I start ImgBurn manually and adjust all settings to my liking which are saved to the registry when I close the program. Now when I start it with /portable nothing special happens. I either gotta manually place the file imgburn.ini in the dir or use /portable with /savesettings "chetwood.ini". In both cases however ImgBurn does NOT use the settings I adjusted in the GUI before but it's default settings. Please correct me if I'm missing something but the only way to get a separate ini file with my preferred settings is to start ImgBurn /portable /savesettings "chetwood.ini" and then manually adjust the settings in this ini file?! Speaking of batches, two other suggestions come to mind: how about a switch to disable the splash screen (in batch mode only) /LAYERBREAK AUTO would select the first excellent or very good position it finds and skip adding one if there are none
  7. Right, I just don't know if the one posting in this thread is the one listed on the translations file page. I thought you might know for sure...
  8. Just upgraded from 1.1 to 2.4 and realized LUK! had changed his mind from this and we've got translations. Way to go! However, the german translation has quite a bunch of (hilarious) errors so where do I post corrections? In this thread, PM the author, upload a new language file?
  9. I second that. CLI is fine and often preferrable but in this case I'd like to be able to do it via GUI too. Thx.
  10. IOW, as long as I don't use other software that might reset the format status improperly on the same media, I'll be fine. It's a shame though cause I use the +RW for testing purposes with different formats (DVD Video and avis/mp3s next time or vice versa) and so I do have to use Deepburner which prolly was the culprit. Of course I wouldn't expect otherwise from Nero bloatware.
  11. I guess you just can't know what kind of funny stuff ppl are doing with your software that you just didn't expect them to
  12. I just think it's strange that Nero does not see that disc as being unformatted. When ImgBurn says I gotta format the disc I can burn data on it in Nero after a quick erase and no format. Curiously enough the first time ever I burned this media was in ImgBurn so I did a long format initially. In the meantime I used the RW for saving avis on it and now I returned to ImgBurn for a video DVD ISO. Maybe these steps in between somehow throw it off. In any case: both DeepBurner and Nero do not need to format it, they just do a quick erase.
  13. Unfortunately not. I'm using Verbatim (MKM-A02-00) DVD+RW 4x on my LG4163B (A106) and with ImgBurn 1.3 I have to format a full disc (instead of just quick-erase it) even though I formatted it the first time a while ago. Formatted: No (Started) is what I get even after I successfully burned an image with Nero bloatware.
  14. I agree. Nope, I just planned to ask you about this already in the 1.1 days but I forgot and now I was too lazy to fabricate a new screenshot One thing I just noticed though: I've used ImgBurn 1.3 to change the UDF volume label of an ISO to MFS 4.8: 22 & Specials which when selected in the ImgBurn Queue window does appear under Information as MFS 4.8: 22 _Specials i.e. the ampersand has been replaced by an underscore. Selecting the very same ISO from Tools | Change Volume Label shows the correct label with ampersand. Any idea how come?
  15. On some systems and configurations the path to the ISOs to be burned can become quite long so it would be nice to have those filenames listed completely (maybe skipping the extension) rather than the path. Of course you can click on a file in the queue window to get the full name under "Information", still this might be too long as well, so shortening it would be useful. Please have a look at my modified queue window below. I've also added an Eject Tray checkbox which would allow to change this behaviour on a per disc basis. Would be useful if I was to go down to lunch and keep the current disc in drive so my little sister wouldn't get a chance to lean on my open tray or use the disc as a frisbee. This checkbox setting would only be in use during the current queue (ejecting after a verify or write, if verify isn't selected) and on a new queue revert to the setting defined under options. Just an idea.
  16. Mmh, so my "explorer" window, besides being set to list view, is on auto-sort or what? Cause all I do is press "Add", jump to the dir with all my isos in it and then do a CTRL-A to select all (beats picking them file by file) which then get added in that particular order shown in my initial posting.
  17. Thanks but I don't really need that arrow cause I realize the order from looking at the titles. And as long as ascending is default, ppl should not get confused by it since they most likely won't try it.
  18. It would be nice to be able to click on the "Name" bar in the ImgBurn Queue window to list queued isos from Z to A (or vice versa) as you can do in explorer. Selecting all files after pressing "Add" would come up with this queue: My.favourite.show.1.1.iso My.favourite.show.1.2.iso My.favourite.show.1.3.iso My.favourite.show.1.4.iso My.favourite.show.1.5.iso My.favourite.show.1.6.iso My.favourite.show.1.7.iso which I'd rather like to look like this: My.favourite.show.1.7.iso My.favourite.show.1.6.iso My.favourite.show.1.5.iso My.favourite.show.1.4.iso My.favourite.show.1.3.iso My.favourite.show.1.2.iso My.favourite.show.1.1.iso That way one can start burning with the last number and thus easily drop the burned media into it's cakebox in the correct order to minimize the risk of scratching flipped discs lying around on my desktop. Thanks.
  19. LOL, my Babylon dictionary doesn't cover the word 'arsed' but I guess I know what you mean It was just a suggestion, a 'percentage complete' counter would have been enough for me but ok, your tool and your time.
  20. Something like this one, with a less tacky design of course: The two horizontal bars indicate buffer level, the yellow popup as usual comes up only when the mouse is hovering above the icon.
  21. Actually it was Shamus who seemed to have a problem with our thread on our forum and because a mod called him 'self-proclaimed beta tester'. If that stopped other members of the former DVDD forum (despite blutach's efforts) from staying at the forum please thank him for that. Obviously I came here to ask why the ImgBurn version linked to from the download page wasn't available even though the release date listed had already passed (prolly the only reason why I didn't get more abuse from forum members). I still feel a little odd about getting the blame from you because others had to hijack my thread by dragging out stories from other boards. So that's what Cornholio was talking about? Alright, maybe Volvo already had said something similar, I wouldn't know cause I'd put him on ignore right away as I said I would so any comment targeted at me was pretty much pointless Anyway, I think that you're wrong: MultiShrink does not violate any laws since it does nothing illegal. Since it is not illegal it can't be illegal to link to it either. From what I've read (and how I understand Fair Use rights; again see rosslaw's comments) the official DVDD forum was shutdown as part of the deal LUK! was forced to make with MV and not because of any laws being violated by discussing his tool. I don't know what weird laws you got there in the UK or US but I don't think they are worse than German laws. And in Germany you're currently 'only' forbidden to link to tools like AnyDVD but not to discuss them (Heise is challenging this verdict in Germany's highest court so linking might get possible again). And even if MultiShrink or anything else on my page was illegal (which it isn't) they could only ask you take down my link but not shut down this forum as it deals with legal software. You can't be held responsible for what others do. Besides it's quite a naive fallacy to connect ImgBurn's attraction to anyone's sigs, it will take center stage on any major board in no time. According to your logic every other forum dealing with DVD ripping and tools of this kind should already have been shut down. Still Digital Video Forums, Doom9 and others continue unabated. How come? Don't get me wrong, since this is LUK!'s forum his rules do apply so if he'd tell me to strip my sig I would either do so or leave. However, he saw my sig when he replied (twice) to my questions in this thread and he did not bother here nor upon joining my DVDS beta test forum. So why do you? What really amazes me is that all of this self-proclaimed chaperones in this thread seem to be unable to accept his opinion, they act as if he was unable to decide for himself. Figures...
  22. So I'm out of order because others bring up old stories? Figures... Now that's quite interesting. What did I link to last time?
  23. Alright, alright, just before I put you guys on ignore again and save me your puny swear words. You're talking about this thread in which YOU were reprimanded by the forum admin, I remember. That was when you guys stopped by on our forums (we discussed the term 'our' in this context) and told us to close a thread because it wasn't to your liking and somehow seemed surprised to be told to get lost. This because of the obvious fact that none of you were in the position to make any demands on our forums but primarily because the reasons you guys gave for having us close the thread were preposterous. Let's take a look at your childish rants and so-called arguments, shall we? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 Summed up: apart from your pointless (and colourful) fuss about some mod who could not know better and dared to call you a 'self-proclaimed' DVDD beta tester basically what you were saying is that I was actually hurting LUK!'s case by speculating about what company might have shut him down. To which I replied (when I stopped laughing at this baloney of course) that I don't know any law in any country that could hold LUK! responsible for what I am saying on any forum. I'm not at all surprised he did not see it your way either. So if LUK! read all this and did not bother why do you guys drag it to this forum? And even more interesting: why the heck do you think I'd give a damn?
  24. Sorry, no can do. I'd rather stay here and get entertained again by your childish rants. Actually it's getting a bit dull and repetitive Oh well, I guess it was too much to expect from you to grow up. As for respect, you don't seem to give LUK! the credit I do, otherwise you'd simply let him speak for himself rather than trying to be his unrewarded watchdog.
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