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I direct your attention to this post: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=15844


The answer is it's too hard? Really?


I mean, don't get me wrong; you've done great work what with imgburn and DVDD before it....I was there for all that bullshit. But to say; "Yes, it's possible, but no, it's too hard." I mean WTF?!?

I would also like to know how this is done, and so I find that thread and your response with Google. Major headsmack time!


So do allow me to ask this question, and please don't bother answering unless your reply is one of these two: "No, it cannot be done." or "Yes, it can be done, HERE'S HOW:"


I want to use ImgBurn and ONLY ImgBurn to do the following:


Create Audio CD from MY OWN MP3 that belongs to me. I want another copy of the song to remain in MP3 format to be placed onto the disk so if it is placed into a computers' cdrom drive, it can be copied directly off the disk without transcoding or anything more complex than inserting the disk and dragging and dropping. Suggestions, please.

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Ok so here's an *untested* attempt at what *should* be required for it.


First, create a plain old Audio CD CUE file via the 'Create CUE' feature. This is just the stuff that'll be playable in any CD player.

Load the CUE into Write mode and take note of the number of sectors in the 'Source' box.

Now add 11400 to that value and enter it into the 'Image Start LBA' box on the 'Build' tab in the 'Settings.

Build your data ISO with the MP3 files in it. This will be the bit your computer will see.

Now go back to the 'Create CUE' feature, recreate your Audio CD exactly as before, but this time, add a 2nd session and put your data ISO in it.

Burn that new CUE and see if it works.


Don't forget to reset the 'Image Start LBA' back to 0 or all future ISOs you build will be useless.

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Many thanks for this procedure.  My brother is a guitar player in a band, and he played a gig recently (2 sets).  He sent me both sets of songs as M4As.

I was able to install the AAC plugin for the M4As, as recommended elsewhere in this forum and followed the procedure above to build a cue file consistenting of the audio tracks in the first session followed by the native M4As in the 2nd (I wanted to do this to increase the chances I would not lose my brothers music).

It worked prefectly.  Many thanks!

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