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Hi sorry for bad english, im indonesian..

well i just downloaded a game which in rar file extension, it has 9 parts like name.part01.rar,name.part02.rar,...

i extracted it smoothly and file size is good 8gb.

in the folder i have extracted it before, has 2 file: .dvd and .iso file.

.dvd file size 1kb .iso file size 8gb

i have no idea what is .dvd file so i mount the iso file anyway beside that i can't mount .dvd file, and guess what? it only 40mb after mount!

please help me to mount it :( i think i should use .dvd file but i don't know how when i open .dvd file using notepad, it comes like this:





please help me to mount it :( i don't want my 8gb downloaded file useless : any help will much much much appreciated!

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What software are you using to mount the image?



Slysoft's Virtual CloneDrive will mount .DVD files.  So, you may want to try swtiching your emulating software. 



However, I have to worry it may not be an issue with your mounting software but an error in the image itself.



Try this.  Open ImgBurn and select Write mode.  Drag and drop/open the .DVD file for this image.  See if it opens correctly and check the Size listed on the left side pane.  If it says it's 40 MB, then there's some kind of error in the image and there's nothing that can probably be done.  If it says it's 8 GB, then I can only say it's the mounting software.

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