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Mohammed Rayan

Need help! Is this a rewritable DL DVD? (Pics attached)

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There's "RW" on the disc. Which means it should be rewritable, correct? However, I can't erase the disc now. Earlier there was an option to "Erase this disc" when you right-click on the DVD drive from windows file explorer. I clicked on it, and the whole computer stopped working. Had to reboot the system which seems to have somehow corrupted the disc and now the "Erase this disc" option has gone. ImgBurn also says it's non-erasable under disc information. I had burned some movie into this disc many years ago and now I'd like to erase it and use it for a different purpose, I can't even verify or make an .iso of this disc without getting some kind of "L-EC Uncorrectable Error" error. The movie plays just fine though. Please help. I'll provide more info if required.

MB 2.jpg


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